Do Space Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity

Do Space Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity

Of all the expenses at homes, the electricity bills make the largest portion. As most of the things at home run on power and one continuously wants to somehow reduce this cost to an affordable level. We all know how expensive traditional heating actually is and that is why it to some extent adds to the worries of homeowners and they hardy manage their budgets.

However, the solution lies in the same place where the problem is. To reduce and eliminate the high electricity cost, the consumers are shifting towards portable space heaters. So, lets now have a look at how much energy does space heaters, consumers, are they effective in cutting cost or not.

How Much Electricity Does a Space Heater Consume?

In order to know the answer, you need to find the wattage. You will see this on the user’s manual or on the heater itself. This would simply tell you how much electricity does it, consumer, to work. However, there are different space heaters with different wattages. It all depends on the amount of electricity required to power them up. Mostly, the electric heaters uses 1500 watt.

Just because the electric bill is calculated in kilowatt-hours, so we will convert 1500 watts into kilowatts i.e. 1.5 kilowatts of power. To know how much a 1.5 kilowatts heater costs you. You need to use this formula. You need to multiply the number of watts by the time you plan to use i.e. can be an hour or more. In this case, let it be 4 hours.


Then divide this number by 1000


Now, multiply this attained number by the rate the utility actually charges you for electricity. Let’s say for example $0.56, then the answer would be somewhat;


So, here your go, for a comfortable warmth of four hours, you ought to pay $3.36. This is how you can calculate how much an electric space heater would actually cost you. This was just an example.

How to use space Heaters to in an energy-efficient way?

Make sure that the electric heaters are only the supplementary source of heating. You can never rely on them as the primary source of heating. You simply need to put your thermostat on a lower state to save a possible amount of energy.

The Plus and Minuses of Using an Electric Space Heater:

Electric heaters are better alternatives to the typical kerosene heaters. That is why, the electric heaters don’t produce any fumes or dust. Likewise, there is no tension of cleaning the ashes or dust with electrical heaters.

In terms of efficiency, electric heaters are ranked higher. They can easily heat up a single room to the best. Keep in mind to keep the windows closed. However, sometimes when the cold is really not at extreme levels, you can easily turn off the central heater. Then, you can use the electrical portable heaters where ever you go in the house. This would save you both energy and cost. In case, you want to rely on it all the time, then it won’t be a good alternative to use. It may increase your costs this way.

Beware of This Thing:

However, saving cost and energy is a great idea but let me tell you that it is never wise to rely on electrical space heaters for heating up large areas. It is totally insane to wait for hours to eventually get a large space warm with small electrical heaters. This would in fact do the opposite instead of saving money or energy.

Kindly avoid doing such blunders and don’t overstress or overwork your heater. Let it do its job for the recommended space. As it already is efficient in terms of cost and space. You will mostly see this in the specifications of the heaters as ideal for heating up room up to 400 square feet and the like.

Clever Way of Using Your Space Heater:

We know space heaters have partially replaced those conventional heaters because of their efficiency and reliability. However, to make it even more efficient and nice, you can use it wisely. As they are portable, small in size, and space-efficient, so you can carry it around the room. Move it to the places you want to warm and other areas. Only this way, you would be able to save both money and energy.  Using home appliance wisely always add to your savings. So, it depends on how cleverly you actually use the electrical space heaters to get the most of it in an easy and reliable way.


So far so good, electrical heaters are the best alternates of central heaters, they are space and energy-efficient. Likewise, it provides enough portability to carry it around. So, you can rely on this single product and this would somehow save you both cost and energy.

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