Best Recessed Electric Fireplace Heaters Reviewed 2020

recessed electric fireplace

Recessed Electric fireplace has always been the greatest supplemental heating device adding ambiance to your room. However, they both operate with or without heat that is why you can easily use it. The electric fireplaces are more modern and advanced technology that eliminates the tension of cleaning dust and ashes. They operate on electricity providing you a more reliable source of heating.

However, you can easily install them in your homes and enjoy them. The electric fireplaces are available on the market and have great popularity among the people. We have thus come up with some of the most realistic and functional fireplaces for you.

Essentials to look for in a Recessed Electric Fireplace:

There are many important things which you search in an electric fireplace. The fireplace should be realistic and innovative. Likewise, one looks for realistic flame effects with many settings while selecting the best one.

1. The Flame Effects and Their Settings

When it comes to selecting the best fireplace, the flame effect feature is one of the most important features one can look for. The flame effects should be realistic and with many flame settings regarding its color, speed, and brightness. So, people mostly consider this quality of a fireplace while selecting their electric fireplace.

2. The Heating Feature and its Over-Heat Protection Device

The electric fireplace has always been used as a supplemental heating device as it ads both warmth and ambiance to the room. So, when you go for one, you should select the one with low and high heat settings. However, an electric fireplace always is a great choice for supplemental heating.

3. The Overall Appearance

The overall appearance and look of the fireplace also matter. The electric fireplace should also be stunning. However, the functional side cannot be ignored but the appearance also matters. As the electric fireplace is an important part of the room. So, its overall look and appearance should also be considered.

Best Recessed Electric Fireplace Heaters 2020

1. 3GPlus 50 Electric Fireplace Wall Recessed Heater Crystal Stone

3GPlus 50 Electric Fireplace Wall Recessed Heater

If you are looking for an elegant, sleek, and functional fireplace, then 3GPlus 50″ Electric Fireplace is the perfect thing for you. This is a 42inch model that adds warmth and ambiance to the room. It comes with a front vent that makes it ideal for both wall recessed and wall mounting.

Furthermore, the unit features realistic flame effects that can be operated with or without heat. However, you can set the flames from any of the three changing colors i.e. amber, blue, amber and blue. It comes with easy installation and is easy to use. It can be added as a supplemental zone heating up to 400 square feet room.

There are a total of two heat settings i.e. 750W/1500W. Similarly, the remote control allows you to control on/off, heart, colors, and temperature efficiently. More importantly, it comes with an overheat protection device that prevents any mishaps or fire risk, etc.

  • Sleek and well-constructed electric fireplace
  • Overheat protection device
  • Easy installation and functioning
  • Not recommended for large areas

2. RWFLAME 50 Electric Fireplace, Fully Recessed Wall Mounted and in-Wall Fireplace Heater

RWFLAME 50 Electric Fireplace review

The R.W.FLAME 50″ Electric Fireplace is an easy to install fireplace ideal for home, office, or living room, etc. the fireplace adds heat and ambiance to the area using 120V. However, it comes with remote control and has multi-operating modes. You can set the brightness and flame effects with its various modes. This allows you a total of 12 flames & LED flame bed color modes, 5 flame speed modes, and 5 flame brightness levels settings. The best thing is its automatic flame design that changes the color and brightness automatically.

Furthermore, it has a total of two heat settings i.e. 750W & 1500W and it efficiently saves much energy. However, it easily heats up room up to 400 square feet. Likewise, it has an auto-heat kill safety that prevents superheating. It also maintains good and natural humidity in the air and thus the room doesn’t dry out.

  • Versatile
  • Can be used with heat or without heat
  • Easy to use and operate
  • None as such

3. Homedex Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace Insert with Touch Screen

Homedex Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace review

The home dec 36’’ is an amazing fireplace that brings relaxation and comfort to the home. It is suitable for a family room or bedroom functioning as a supplemental heating device and adding ambiance to the room. Moreover, it has two heat settings (high 1500W and low 750W) and can easily heat up to 400 square feet room quite nicely.

Furthermore, you can easily control the room temperature with its thermostat. Its ultra-a high intensity Led lights provides realistic flames and is a great addition to the room. You can select any of the flame effects to form totals of nice flame setting in order to add the required and preferred ambiance to your room

Hence, it is the best electric fireplace that is both versatile and easy to use. In short, it is well-made with a total of three fire colors and it beautifully comes with wood fire look or fire glass. So, you can install it in-wall or hang on the wall.

  • Versatile and reliable
  • Two heat settings
  • Beautiful flame effects and settings
  • None as such

4. Valuxhome Electric Fireplace Recessed Heater

Valuxhome Electric Fireplace Recessed Heater review

This is an amazing fireplace that comes with ultra-realistic flame and great design featuring the log and crystals. This an over dimensions of 60″ Length x 5.5″ Width x 21.65″ Height; Embedded Dimensions: 55.55″ Length x 5.12″ Width x 20.28″ Height, this is just the perfect insert for your room.

However, it features 3 different color flame effects of logs/crystals and one can operate it with or without heat. It is thus the best electric fireplace featuring a touch screen panel and LCD display.

Furthermore, it has an overheat protection device that prevents any fire risk. Likewise, it has two heat setting options. Built-in with front hot vent. It is thus ideal for supplemental heating for a room and it can easily warm up room up to 450 square feet.

  • Perfect and easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • Overheat protection device
  • Different flame settings
  • No negative reviews yet

5. Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed and Wall Mounted

Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace review

The Antarctic star 42’’ electric fireplace is a supplemental heating device that can easily heat up room up to 400 square feet. However, the plus point is that it can be recessed or semi-recessed in the wall but also can be Wall Mounted. It features Ultra High-Intensity Led lights with a large display that allows the flame to burn high enough. The flames look realistic and emerge slowly from the source.

Furthermore, it beautifully features 12-color flame and crystal combination change to create an incredibly realistic & colorful effect. There are different colors such as red to a modern blue, purple and pink, etc. however, you can also select any of the two heat settings for warmth or saving energy i.e. 750W and 1500W.

Overall, it is a stunning fireplace that has a remote with it and is a touch screen that makes it more convenient to control the functions of this fireplace. Moreover, it features1-8 hours timer control, independent switch of heating and flame, adjustable flame color and speed, sleep mode function. Thus, it is the best thing to warm your home.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Touch screen
  • Flame color speed settings
  • None as such

6. Tangkula Electric Fireplace, in-Wall Recessed and Wall Mounted

Tangkula Electric Fireplace review

There could not be anything better than the Tangkula 50’’ electric fireplace for your room. It features realistic multi-color flame effects and thus adds warmth to the room. Likewise, no longer have to deal with ashes or dust, etc.

The LED technology allows you to set any of the 9 flame colors. Likewise, there are a total of five settings for flame brightness. It has a remote control and you can also control it through its touch screen function. Moreover, it features power, color change, dimming, heating, temperature, timing six function buttons.

Likewise, it comes with a high-definition LED display and allows you to select any of the two heat settings i.e. as low as 750W and high as 150. Moreover, this unit is equipped with upper front vents, which is more conducive to heat transfer and better warm your room.

In short, this is the best unit functioning on a standard voltage of 120. Moreover, it comes with a built-in overheat protection device that prevents overheating or fire risk.

  • Overheat protection device
  • Stunning fireplace
  • Functional and easy to use
  • Makes a little bit of noise


Overall, an electric fireplace is an important part of the room. That is why, the mentioned above fireplaces are all realistic, functional, and appealing.  All of these electric fireplaces here are well-researched and then referred to you. So, you can make a more informed and wise purchasing decision. So, get yourself the best electric fireplace as they were more efficient, safe, easy to maintain, and reasonable.

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