Nissan Enters Wearable Technology With The Nimso Watch Concept

Many companies have entered the wearable market and one of them is Nissan which has entered the smartwatch market. This market as per some analysts would definitely grow if they capture what features consumers actually want. However, they are definitely to be benefited greatly in the market with their smartwatches. So, their watches would be perfect for the drivers of Nisan Nismo cars.

The theme behind their watches is to keep drivers updated about what is going on in the car. Nismo is an incredible smartwatch that will provide its users with real-time biometric data. For example, its bangle-like accessory lets the users monitor their speed on average, fuel consumption readings and also approach the vehicle’s telematics and performance data.

Indeed, that is how you will interface with the car’s performance. It will let you know about your own heart rate. After you broadcasted the statistics and performances on your social media networks, this Smartwatch will allow you to read your incoming replies and messages. Moreover, you can get the weather conditions via this smartwatch. Even when it is the time for service, it will inform you that you can service your car.

Most importantly, the Nismo watch presents you with different colors i.e. black, white, red and black. Moreover, you can charge it using a micro USB, and you can operate it using the two physical buttons with a seven consecutive day’s battery life.

However, the company claims that wearable will be trending in the market and consumers are definitely going to love it. Thus, consumers now would be able to enjoy Nisan’s Nismo watches along their Vehicles.

The drivers can be benefited from Nissan Nismo watch in the following ways;

they will be able to monitor their vehicle’s efficiency, average speed, and fuel consumption readings

it allows them to connect to the car via Bluetooth low energy or a smartphone

they can capture the biometric data

can receive tailored car messages from Nissan

it enables them to access vehicle telematics

So, this smart to connect car and driver performance is the ideal one for drivers. it greatly aims to connect the driver and a car., deliver biometric data to increase drivers’ efficiency and performance. however, it is surprising to know that Nissan watches also track and rate the users’s social performance across different social sites such as  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram using  Nissan’s proprietary Social Speed software. one would definitely like its design and simple user interface.


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