4 Best Modern Electric Fireplace Insert / Wall Mount 2022

Modern Electric Fireplace Insert

We know that in winters, the comfort of the home lies around the perfect electric fireplace. Sitting by the fireplace with your family is a great way to spend time. It is not just comfortable but also sets the mood.

That is why the modern electric fireplace insert comes in a variety of sizes and styles. While buying one, you should consider the overall equipment and the heating potential typically. So, the overall quality, performance, style, size, and durability factor drives your decision.

All in all, the modern electric fireplace insert has many uses. The usages make them an investment in your home. Below is a list of the best electric fireplace inserts on the market. You must consider buying one considering their lower energy bills.

Best Modern Electric Fireplaces

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1. R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace reviews

R.W Flame electric fireplace is an excellent fireplace with great functionality options. It is a 50-inch wall-mounted unit that is fit for 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 Stud. The fireplace has an attractive and practical design.

This unit is the perfect choice for those who want a fireplace with a touch screen and remote control. Moreover, it features a color-screen flames design with a variety of features. You can choose between 5 flame color modes and five flame speed modes.

The unit gives you the option to select from a range of heat settings (750W and 1500W modes). It creates enough heat to heat a room to 400 square feet. On the top, it features an auto-heat kill safety to avoid superheating. Therefore, it naturally keeps the humidity within the air.

The remote is comfortable to use, and it comes with easy installation as a wall-mounted and recessed fireplace. With the efficient heat output, it keeps the room warm enough to comfortable levels.

  • Perfect to increase the aesthetic look of the room
  • Provide bright and beautiful flames
  • It makes the room warm to the best levels
  • Stylish and durable designs
  • Decent heat settings
  • The heater fan could be more powerful.

2. Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace

Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace reviews

Antarctic star 60 fireplace is not only the product of the best luxury but also definitely a model of how to make a fireplace noticeable in your living room. Thanks to its modern design with beautiful ashes.

This electric fireplace can be recessed, semi-recessed but also wall-mounted. It features ultra-high intensity Led light with a large display that allows the flame to burn high enough. It produces realistic color effects that make your room more interesting.

Moreover, the unit can warm rooms up to 400 square feet. It also gives the freedom to adjust the heating level accordingly. The fireplace is not only functional but also very sleek and stylish.

The unit features flexible control modes with a touch screen. Thus, making it more convenient to operate the fireplace. It is well-made and is very easy to install. Every color option and the flame look very realistic. Hence, it is the perfect option at an affordable price.

  • Realistic flames to keep the room warm
  • Sleek, modern, and stylish design
  • Well-made and affordable
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • More color options should have been there.

3. 3GPlus Electric Fireplace

3GPlus Electric Fireplace reviews

The vent is on the front of the 3Gplus 60. So, it can be wall-mounted on your wall while still being recessed into the wall. This unit creates a sleek, modern look that works well in both traditional and advanced setups. It also offers a sleek design that will add to the aesthetics of your fireplace.

The unit features three realistic flame colors such as red, blue, red, and blue. This unit provides the perfect ambiance for the living room and office, etc. Setting the temperature and operating the unit is easier than ever. You can choose any temperature settings from 68°F to 88°F with the remote control.

Moreover, it has an easy and quick installation. Plus, there is another free remote. So, a total of two remote controls make the perfect option. All in all, it is not only functional but also very modern. The unit looks sleek and stylish. It is well worth your attention.

  • Realistic flames with great ambiance
  • Nice, sleek, and stylish
  • Easy to install and use
  • Two remote controls
  • Realistic flame colors
  • None as such

4. Electric Fully Recessed Fireplace

Recessed  Electric Fireplace reviews

Here is another beautiful and functional electric fireplace to add warmth to your room. It comes with multi-operating modes, is a touch screen, and the remote control allows you to control everything without getting up from your place.

It features a total of 12 flames and LED flame bed color modes. Moreover, it supports five flame speed modes with five flame brightness levels. Plus, the unit supports 750w and 1500W power modes.

So, you can easily choose your best level to warm up the room. This unit not only gives the liberty to select the warmth level but is also great for energy-saving purposes. With its supplemental zone heating, the electric fireplace can warm room up to 400 square feet.

This electric fireplace has a sleek and stylish design. Therefore, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room. Indeed, it is a more attractive and practical fireplace. All in all, it is the best unit with too many features. It is well worth your money.

  • Realistic flames
  • Sleek, stylish, and modern
  • Adds to the aesthetic side of your room
  • Can warm-up area up to 400 square feet
  • You can adjust the brightness level
  • None as such

Wall Mounted Modern Electric Fireplace Buyer’s Guide

There could not be anything more relaxing than getting your best electric fireplace insert in winter. Therefore, your modern electric fireplace insert must possess all those features that make the unit perfect.

We, as a result, kept all the factors in mind and mentioned units that are worthy of your attention. Let us discuss those factors to keep you informed about the best electric fireplace insert and its specifications. So, next time you go shopping, you end up getting the best electric fireplace insert for your room.

1. Size of the Unit

The essential thing you need to assess is the space available in your room and the size of the room. Of course, you want a unit that fits the space. Otherwise, an oversized fireplace would be no good for your room. So, whenever you purchase one, make sure to consider this factor. Many different brands offer various units of different sizes.

2. Heat output

When it comes to heat output, the unit with variable heat settings is one you should select. Generally, some fireplaces support wattages ranging from 750W to 1500W. This range is enough to provide a supplemental heat zone of up to 400 square feet. So, whenever you select one for yourself, make sure to consider the heat output.

3. Flames

One wants a unit that is not only operational but also produces realistic flames. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the electric fireplace for flame effects, brightness, and the flame bed looks. So, choose the electric fireplace that provides leniency in selecting the flame bed modes.

4. Additional Features

There are some extra features that you may consider. Fireplaces come with a remote control that gives the liberty to control the unit with comfort. Plus, you get options like on/off setting, flame settings, and heat settings with the remote. So, if convenience is your priority, then you should not ignore the additional features. Some other extra features are the warranty and the sound effect system you must consider.


Electric fireplaces are an ever-growing trend in the marketplace. So, it is great to know you can invest in one without breaking the bank. While selecting your best electric fireplace insert, make sure to consider the ones we have already discussed. The units are functional with tons of incredible features.

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