Best Plumbing Strap Wrench Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Best Strap Wrench

Getting the best strap wrench is a must nowadays due to its wide range of benefits and uses. It allows you to easily replace the oil filter and grip objects. Similarly, when it comes to tightening and loosening the pipes, the strap wrenches do the job pretty well. You may not require them quite often and that is why the manufacturers offer a wide range and variety of such products.

What To Look For in a Strap Wrench

You might be searching for the best strap wrench and best brands. However, it is good to buy one as strap wrenches offer a lot of services. From gripping to oil filtering and losing/tightening the pipes, it offers full convenience. Remember, there are always some basics you need to consider before making a purchase; let’s have a look at some of those basic factors one by one.

The Strap Length

Deciding upon the required length of the strap is a must. It depends on what sort of work is to be completed. If you are working with larger objects, strap wrenches with longer straps are recommended. On the contrary, you have small diameter objects, go for the smaller straps.

The Material

Strap wrenches typically feature rubber and nylon straps. They both are ideal when working on rough surfaces. However, the smoother surfaces demand rubber straps for better grip. With the nylon straps, there are always chances of slippage on the smooth surfaces. That is why it is you who need to decide upon the strap material before purchase.

The Size of the Handle

Sometimes you need high torque while other times you may prefer smaller handles. This again depends on the type of work you are engaged in. for loosening tasks, a large handle is preferably recommended. Whereas, if you are working in complicated situations where space is confined, the smaller handles are good. So, a good selection of strap wrench will make your job easier.

Other than size, the handle construction also matters. You want to prevent all the hand cramps, fatigues, and uneasiness that is why the handle should be well constructed and perfect.

The Maintenance

You need to keep the strap wrench in great working condition, that is why it is recommended to clean after every use. That is why go for brands that are easy to maintain/clean.

Best Plumbing Strap Wrenches

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1. Craftsman Strap Wrench

Craftsman Strap Wrench review

The craftsman 9-45570 is a strap wrench that manages items up to 6 3/8 inches in diameter. It is ideally used for handling objects having small diameters. Having 18 inches strap, the smaller piece can be used for items with 4 inches diameter. Likewise, the larger one with 25 inches belt can grip up to 6-3/8 inches.

Moreover, both the straps are made of strong, reinforced rubber and you can simply work on objects without much effort. Likewise, the strap wrench set features cushioned plastic handles that make it comfortable to hold and work. It ideally helps in gripping hard-to-grip items.

Shortly, they grip very well and are easy to use. The rubber on the items is thick and nice, and surely the handle feels decent though.

  • Great straps for small diameters
  • Grips well and is easy to use
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Not ideal for sizeable stuff

2. RIDGID Strap Wrench

RIDGID Strap Wrench review

The Ridgid 42478 with rapid size adjustment allows you to quickly move between 3-inch (80 mm) and 8-inch (220 mm) diameter plastic pipes. It allows you to easily adjust the strap size and grip the object.

Moreover, this unit features an innovative locking design allowing repeatable applications. This is how you work faster. Likewise, the specialized straps provide maximum grip and minimal marring.

Additionally, it is easy to handle and works perfectly fine. The unit Delivers maximum leverage in tight quarters and for complex installation, you can use them in pairs. Overall, it is well-made and durable. However, this can also be used for gripping flywheels efficiently.

  • Easy to use and handle
  • Durable strap
  • Innovative lock design
  • Not recommended for large objects

3. Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench review

Another amazing strap wrench on the list is the oil filter wrench set. This can be used on Automobiles, Tractors, Oil Filters, Glue Joints, Shower Heads, Fuel Filters, Jar Openers, PVC Junctions, Bottles, Faucets, Water Filters, Sinks, Taps, and many other similar objects.

It contains a small wrench that is suitable for removing nuts, bolts, and caps, etc. whereas, the larger one is adjustable up to 150mm/6″ diameter. Similarly, the smaller Wrench is adjustable up to 100mm/4’’ diameter.

It features durable rubber straps making it perfect to get the job done. However, it is suitable for Arthritic Hands, Weak Wrists, Plumbers, Mechanics, Craftsman, and More. The tools allow maximum efficiency. Thus, they are easy to use and easy to handle.

  • Durable straps
  • Works well
  • Adjustable straps
  • Material quality is perfect
  • None in particular

4. TITAN Strap Wrench

TITAN Strap Wrench review

A perfect strap wrench with an overall length of 12 inches and an overall strap length of 34 inches. This has a great tube capacity of 9 inches and a pipe capacity of 2 inches. So, it is ideal for those who are related to plumbing jobs and like.

The excellent strap wrench allows working in tightly confined areas even. Featuring a lightweight aluminum handle, this is ideal to work with ease. Moreover, the woven polypropylene strap allows tight grips without causing any damage or scratch to the object’s surface.

It can handle all sorts of complex tasks. The strap wrench is very well-made with great performance. Shortly, it is an awesome product with a highly inexpensive price.

  • Comes at an extremely affordable price
  • Works fine and perfect
  • Durable nylon straps
  • The nylon straps might slip on the smooth surfaces.

5. OTC Strap Wrench

OTC Strap Wrench review

Here comes the multipurpose OTC 7206 capable to handle any gripping, tightening, or loosening task with full ease and efficiency. You would love many uses of this heavy-duty strap wrench.

It features a 53 inches nylon strap that works with full precision for larger pipes and other objects. However, this also features a 12 inches aluminum handle that allows perfect and light grip. Overall, the strap wrench is light enough to handle. It incredibly removes large oil filters as well.

Shortly, the strap wrench is pretty strong and works well. You would love how durable the unit is. It makes your job easier. The best thing is the availability of adjustable straps for this unit. The unit offers much ease and convenience in a very small amount.

  • Large adjustable straps
  • Works well and is pretty strong
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The nylon braided strap tends to slip on a small diameter smooth surface.

6. IDGID Strap Wrench

IDGID Strap Wrench review

If you want a perfect strap wrench to use on polishes pipe, then the IDGID 31360 is the thing. It features a polyurethane-coated woven nylon strap that allows tight grip and is great to get all sorts of jobs done.

Moreover, the straps are durable and long-lasting. However, the strap is easily adjustable. Speaking of its handle, the handle is 18 inches long. The handle allows to easily remove a large oil filter.

This is ideal for losing or tightening a 5 inches pipe. Moreover, the strap is flexible enough that you can extend it to 7 inches in diameter. In short, the tools are of good quality and works perfectly well.

  • Large handle and firm grip
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Works pretty well
  • A bit on the expensive side but its worth it


The best strap wrench is all you need. We all know how important it is to get the right tool to get the job done. The above-mentioned strap wrenches are listed after thorough research and considering all the essential factors. That is why you can easily pick up any of the strap wrenches based on your requirements.

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