Best Low Profile RV Air Conditioners with Heat

low profile RV air conditioner

Low-profile RV air conditioners are the best thing for the demanding summers. As recreational vehicles are just like second homes, get the best air conditioner and make your life comfortable and pleasant in an RV; you need a perfect unit for it.

Nobody wants to ruin their stay inside an RV after a refreshing day of enjoying nature. So, getting the most efficient RV for your home becomes essential. However, if your RV’s exterior is tall, you can’t afford to make it taller, so it is when you need to opt for a low-profile RV air conditioner.

The low-profile RV air conditioner is no different than other RV air conditioners other than being low-profile, i.e., it gives you enough space on the interior and exterior roof of the unit. They are lighter, fuel-efficient, & come with ducted and non-ducted versions.

How to Pick The Best Low Profile Air Conditioner For Rv

Best Low Profile RV AC Units

1. Airxcel Arctic White Mach With Heat

Airxcel Arctic White review

The Airxcel Arctic white is a fantastic RV air conditioner with great cooling/heating capacity. It cools down the home efficiently. The air conditioner has a powerful fan that produces 300 CFM, and this unit keeps everyone comfortable.

Similarly, this unit comes with straightforward installation and runs very quietly. However, the hardest part of the installation is getting it up on the motorhome’s roof. You can’t install it alone. You need two people for its installation.

Shortly, the item is sturdy and solid with excellent durability. It works very well and outperforms its competitors providing excellent cooling capacity. The overall product dimension is 45 x 32 x 14 inches and the item’s overall weight is 7.65 pounds.

  • 13,500 heating/cooling capacity
  • Works efficiently well
  • Easy installation
  • The unit is a bit heavy

2. Coleman Mack 15k

Coleman Mack mach 8 review

Coleman Mack 8 is the lowest-profile rooftop air conditioner and is hardly 8 inches tall. The unit requires less drag because of overall height. Likewise, it is fuel-efficient. However, Coleman Mach 8 is available in different BTUs, i.e., 9200, 13,500, and 15,000 BTU. The unit is energy-efficient, giving you maximum cooling on the high-speed fan. Likewise, the ultra-quiet low-speed fan is perfect for nights.

Moreover, Mach 8 has an effortless setup and installation process. It also is compatible with most Coleman Mach air conditioners and interior ceiling plenums. The exclusive one-piece fiberglass base pan makes it durable with less weight overall. It thus comes with all the fantastic features you need.

  • Installs easily
  • Fuel efficient
  • Works perfectly well
  • None as such

3. Dometic Penguin II Low Profile Rooftop AC

Dometic 640315C Penguin II review

This excellent Dometic Penguin air conditioner for your RV features 13,500 BTU. It is a low-profile air conditioner that reduces wind drag and efficiently saves fuel. However, when it comes to its installation, the unit installs quickly, making it perfect for your RV.

The unit comes with tons of features to make it user-friendly. It features easy-to-use controls, a three-speed bowler, and wall thermostat controls. The unit runs perfectly on 115 V, making it energy-efficient. It also is eco-friendly.

Overall, this unit comes with a sleek design and an aesthetic look. Additionally, this is a vented/non-vented unit. Make sure to use the air distribution unit for it if you use it non-vented.

It features a high-quality fan and is ideal for hot summer days with impressive and excellent cooling performance.

  • 13,500 BTU
  • Energy-efficient & eco-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • High-quality fan
  • None as such
  • Tricky setup

4. Dometic Penguin HP With Heat

Dometic 651816.CXX1C0 Penguin review

The Dometic air conditioner is an easy-to-install and straightforward unit for your RV. It comes with 15,000 BTUs and is a great unit with an easy setup. Likewise, it features a powerful air distributor that cools your RV without much effort.

When it comes to its design, you will find it very sleek and sturdy. The unit is also very durable, which makes it even more favorable. However, the best quality of this unit is its energy-efficient feature. It comes with a unique aesthetic look and works efficiently well.

However, this unit is for both deducted and non-deducted systems. The unit runs on 120 volts and weighs 109 pounds. The overall dimension of the product is 40x28x11 inches. In short, it is the perfect thing for your RV.

  • Quick and energy efficient
  • 15,000 BTU
  • Easy to install
  • Getting it on the roof is the hardest part

Best Low Profile Small RV Air Conditioner Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the best low-profile air conditioner for your RV is necessary. The perfect RV ensures perfect summers enhancing the overall user experience. Eventually, it depends on you which one you choose as you are the one who decides it. For your ease, let me tell you the essentials you need to consider before making a purchase:

1. The Versatility

Before making a purchase, you know how frequently you will use the product. You are the one who knows whether you need RV for only summers or winters or an all-season unit. So, the more frequently you use it, the more user-friendly and versatile unit you need.

2. The BTU

You need to select the RV air conditioner keeping the BTU in mind. However, deciding upon the BTU of your RV, you need to consider facts like the area you need to cool, the ceiling height, climate, etc. however, the standard BTU for RVs nowadays is 13,500 BTU. Such a BTU is ideal for efficiently cooling a space up to 450-650.

3. The Weight

As you need to place the low-profile air conditioner on the rooftop. You need to look for one that is lightweight, has a sleek and compact design, and doesn’t make the RV Bulkier.

4. The Installation

Before selecting your low-profile RV, you need to see whether it has an easy installation process. People mostly prefer a unit that comes with easy installation and doesn’t require any expert or professional help. However, it again depends on you. The more versatile the unit gets, the more professional help it demands in its installation.

5. The Price and Other Considerations

The price is one major thing people consider before purchasing an RV air conditioner. The type and model of the air-conditioner you select for your RV depends on your budget and requirements.

We have finally developed some of the best low-profile RV air conditioners based on these considerations. This will make your purchasing process easier and quicker for you;


In short, it is great to enjoy hot summer days and nights with low-profile RV air conditioners. However, let’s not talk about your typical roof-mounted air conditioner. The article specifically defined the low-profile RV air conditioners packed with features. After thorough research and ideally looking for the best low-profile RV air conditioners, the above products have been listed here. So, improve your purchasing decision with us and enjoy your summers.

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