6 Best Smallest Air Conditioner For RV Review & Buyer’s Guide

smallest air conditioner for rv

In case you are an RV owner, then the RV air conditioners are a must for your recreational vehicles. The product aims at making your RV pleasant and refreshing in hot summer days. Some people do call RVs their second home, it actually serves this purpose well.

So, just like a typical home, you need to facilitate your RV with the same appliances. One such important appliance you will be needing in your RV is the perfect air conditioner for it. Interestingly, with RV air conditioning, one can relax and have a comfortable temperature as per the need.

Expect it to make even your camping pleasant in hot summer days. Just to make your purchasing decision easier, we have come up with some of the extraordinary Small RV air conditioners for camper available on the market today.

Top 6 Mini Air Conditioner for RV / Camper 2020

1. Tuff Maxx Replacement Air Conditioner Shroud, Polar White

Tuff Maxx Replacement Air Conditioner review

The Tuff/Maxx is an amazing air conditioner that comes with tons of features. The unit has a BTU rating of 15,000 that everyone would love. The unit features a built-in rear fin guard and fits perfectly on your Coleman A/C unit.

Moreover, it is made from extra-thick, extra-tough UV protected plastic that adds to its longevity and durability. The unit feels sturdy and the performance of this unit is just amazing.

Additionally, the installation is incredibly easy and the unit really improves the look of your RV.  The product is a good value for money. Likewise, it has slotted front holes that add to its flexibility to fit various models. Overall, the unit comes with complete instructions, new lock nuts, fender washers, and foam spacers for the condenser.

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Sturdy and thick
  • None as such

2. Dometic Penguin II Air Conditioner – Best Low Profile RV Air Conditioner

Dometic Penguin II Air Conditioner review

The Dometic is one of the top performers and is one of the most stunning RV air conditioners. The unit is sturdy, and is made of the highest quality material. As per people reviews, the unit includes the foam kits for the AC unit, comes with instructions, and the holes line up perfectly well.

Moreover, it is easy to install as no drilling etc. is required. So, the installation is easy that is why it doesn’t take much of your time. Likewise, it is highly reliable with amazing cooling performance. Honestly though, the small and compact size make it all you need and it is suitable for the limited space in your vehicle.

However, the A/C and heat pump both perform smartly well and the sleek shroud easily reduces the wind resistance of a moving vehicle. Similarly, the foam strips for installation and vibration are already present in the kit. In short, this unit is known for is mind-blowing performance and eco-friendly nature. Other than that, it performs well, and provides a first-class cooling effect.

  • Easy to install
  • First-class cooling performance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pricey

3. Airxcel 08-0080 Mach 15 15.0 Arctic Wht Upper

Airxcel 08-0080 Mach review

The Airxcel Mach 15 is a great RV air conditioner with many versatile features. With the BTU rating of 15,000, this unit is just the perfect thing for you. The unit features the ⅓ hp fan motor providing an amazing level of style to this unit. Thus, it is the most beautiful and significant air conditioner available on the market today.

You would experience how quickly it spreads the air and how amazingly it works. The unit has an electrical rating of 115 VAC, 60Hz. interestingly, the installation process is easy and it works without creating any sort of noise.

Overall, it is a great piece working amazingly well. Likewise, its ceiling assembly also comes with a good air filter. The air filter comes with the ability to reduce dust in the air. Shortly, it is the perfect RV air conditioner for the price you pay for it.

  • 15,000 BTU
  • Comes with 1/3 hp fan motor
  • Easy to install and use
  • No negative reviews

4. Dometic Black 15,000 BTU Conditioners Brisk Air Ii 15.0 Blk Upper

Dometic Black 15,000 BTU Conditioners review

The Dometic black 15,000 BTU air conditioner is powerful enough to cool any space. The unit is both reliable and economical. Moreover, it features a high-performance motor and fan.  The unit comes with an easy and simple installation with an electrical rating of 115V AC, 60 Hz, and 1 Phase.

Weighing 74 pounds, it is suitable for a standard roof of 14*14.  The speed of the fan is 3.5 KW that provides cold air to an area. Likewise, it is a high profile RV air conditioner that is able to cool the largest coaches easily. It features a 3-speed blower motor with a washable return air filter.  Overall, this unit provides 5,600 Btu of heat making it the perfect thing for you.

  • 15,000 BTU air conditioner
  • Reliable and economical
  • Easy to install
  • A little bit noisy but the cold air is worth it

5. Dometic Brisk Air II 15,000 BTU Rv Ac Complete ND System W/Heat

Dometic Brisk Air II 15,000 BTU Rv Ac review

Another conditioning unit suitable for use with best-in-class performance is the Dometic Brisk air 15,000 BTU. There are various factors making this unit an extremely hit in the market. Weighing only 75 pounds, it contributes to its greater portability.

Any standard RV air conditioner is ideally known for its lightweight, greater airflow, and better cooling capacity. This unit possesses all these qualities. Its heater functional is also great and you can use it on any cold day. Likewise, the multispeed bowler allows you to adjust the heating or cooling as per your needs. The installation is quick and easy. In short, the unit makes you enjoy adequate temperatures as needed.

  • Functions well
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient high capacity air conditioner
  • No negative reviews as yet

6. Dometic Polar White 15,000 BTU Air Conditioners 15.0 Pw Upper Unit

Dometic Polar White review

Are you in search of something great and impressive? Here comes such a product for your, the Dometic B59516.XX1C0 Brisk II Polar Air Conditioner. The factors that make it a big hit is it strong and sturdy material and lightweight. It provides you enough ease for the limited space. With the nominal capacity of 15,000 BTU/hour and ducted/no-ducted installation, this is the best high-performance air conditioner for the rooftop. You will also notice it high performer fan and motor that makes it perfect for your use. Similarly, the maintenance of this unit is easy and so is the installation.

Moreover, the unit is a simple plugin unit with greater cooling capacity. The increased airflow and sturdy design make it ideal for the users. This, in short, is small with better airflow and higher cooling capacity. It is a perfect thing to purchase with its two-year protection plus warranty.

  • Efficient and nice
  • Easy to install
  • 15,000 BTU air conditioner
  • A bit expensive

Features to Look In Small RV Air Conditioner Units

Before buying an RV air conditioner, you need to consider any of the essential factors required in an air conditioner for RVs. These factors make your selection and buying process easier and better more reliables now have a look at some of those essential features which make an RV a top-notch unit for your RVs.

1. The BTU power

The BTU (British thermal unit) is one of the important factors you need to check for before buying. The standard BTU is typically not more than 13,500. However, if your RV is small, then the air conditioner with BTU within the standard length is ideal. Similarly, having larger RVs demands air conditioner s with higher BTUs. So, it depends

2 Size of the Air conditioner

Typically the smaller air conditioners require less fuel and electricity. That is why, you need to consider the size of the air conditioner as well. While making a choice, it depends on where you are using the air conditioner. In case you are using it during weekends, then you don’t need a larger one but for camping etc. ideally a large AC would be better.

3. The performance

The most essential feature you need to consider is the performance of the unit. As you are paying for it, so it is quite natural to expect the highest performance. Make sure to check for all the essential features you expect from an air conditioner. Overall, the quality of the components and the unit itself is all that matters. Moreover, you can refer to the reviews of people who have already used the unit.

4. Installation

The unit with easy installation is more preferred than the one requiring professionals for its installation. The installation should be easy so that you don’t have to hire an expert for its installation. So, you can’t ignore this factor before making a purchase.

5. Easy Maintenance

When you select the air conditioner for your RV, you have to keep in mind that mostly they require proper maintenance and care. So, the one which requires less and easy maintenance. Select the one which provides warranty and have their spare parts easily available.

6. Noise

Air conditioners provide noise to some level somehow that is quite certain of air conditioners. The air conditioners you opt. for your RV should be quieter and hence produce noise bearable enough not to disturb you in your RV. So, this is one of the factors people mostly consider.


Buying the smallest air conditioner for camper and picking the best one has now become easier. Even without an immense amount of searching and research, you can rely on our researched products. Keeping in mind the technicalities & other specifications of an RV air conditioner, we listed the units above. They are typically designed for small areas and living spaces making the area pleasant in summers. So, pick the best and easy to handle RV for your RVs now.

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