The 5 Best Seiko Sapphire Crystal Watches For Men 2022

Seiko sapphire crystal watches

Seiko sapphire crystal watches have always been popular among people. The Seiko watches release their watches which are quite a trend now and people are just loving their watches. Seiko comes with many versatile watches and people all over the world are wearing their watches. The Seiko brand is known for its amazing timepieces and their quality. Seiko’s brand is known for producing some of the most stunning models since its inception.

The Seiko Company introduced its first watch in 1924 with imported movements. As the company grew, they started producing their in-house movement watches. Seiko watches have always been in the limelight due to their quality, design, and features. We after thorough research came up with some of the best masterpieces of Seiko watches:

Best Seiko Sapphire Crystal Watches

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1. Seiko Men’s Japanese Automatic

Seiko Mens Japanese Automatic Watch

This sapphire crystal watch is a 38-millimeter watch which is quite a conventional size. Typically smaller than an average sports watch but larger than an average vintage watch. This is exactly the best quality watch for the money and overall features. Likewise, it comes with a decent shape case and a crystal clear dial. The dial has sapphire crystal glass on it which makes it scratch-resistant. It has a very nice movement and has a beautiful TRs bracelet with detailed finishing on it.

Furthermore, it has a relatively high beat rate which is a very nice movement. It has a hundred meters of water resistance which is a great thing. You will be able to watch in conditions where it might briefly be immersed in water.

  • Water-resistant up to 100m
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Great watch with conventional size
  • The sapphire crystal has no anti-reflective coating on it

2. Seiko Stainless Steel with Leather Calfskin Strap

Seiko Mens Stainless Steel review

The Seiko is a small watch that comes with a deep green face and gold hands. With its thick and round hour hand, it is an ideal watch however, the luminous on the markers and hands make it possible for the watch to work in the dark. It is an average-sized watch at 39.5mm and only 12mm thick. However, Seiko has done a great job as it is light with just 2.4 ounces of weight.

It has sapphire crystal glass which makes it very impressive and scratch-resistant. It similarly is water-resistant that makes it a great watch. You can wear it during swimming etc. easily. This is simply a classical watch with a stunning design. It is impressive with 200-meter water resistance that is why it is very durable.

  • Sapphire crystal
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Stainless steel band
  • Water-resistant up to 200m
  • The watch lacks AR coating on the sapphire crystal

3. Seiko Titanium Silver Dial Watch

Seiko Mens SGG731 Titanium Silver Dial Watch review

Seiko watches have been famous for their reasonable prices and stunning designs. The SGG73 is also one of their masterpieces. It comes with a sapphire crystal face which adds to its longevity and durability as sapphire is highly resistant to scratching. Furthermore, it is an ideal watch for people who love the titanium watch band over the stainless steel band. So, it is very lightweight and is an ideal one for everyday users.

Coming towards its aesthetic qualities, you will like it because of its functional and clean design. Moreover, it has a beautiful second hand, and similarly, the minute and hour hands are also perfectly designed. With a black background and its amazing day/date window, it is just the perfect place for you. Luckily, the dial is readable even in the dark due to its glow. It is water-resistant up to 100m which is quite a plus point for the user. He/she can easily wear it while swimming etc.

  • The elegant and stylish watch
  • 100m water resistant
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • The titanium band may get scratches

4. Seiko Classic Wristwatch

Seiko Classic SGEH67P1 Mens Wristwatch

Seiko produces very elegantly, simple, and fashionable watches with amazing features for the price. They come with sapphire crystal glass which makes it very durable as the sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant. The watch features amazing date and calendar functions which are a plus point. Likewise, the luminous hand gives it a very stunning style.

However, the other features of the watch are highly standard as it comes with a case diameter of 41mm. The case color is silver that truly complements the dial’s white color. The strap which is 21cm long and 17mm thick also comes in silver color. The watch is water-resistant up to 10 bars which is amazing.

  • Simple yet fashionable design
  • Water-resistant up to 10 bars
  • Amazing day and date display
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • None in particular

5. Seiko Men’s Sapphire Steel Watch

Seiko SGG717P1 Men’s Sapphire Steel Watch

As we know nowadays Seiko watches perform a lot of functions, Seiko SGG717PI is also one of them. This watch comes with an elegant style making it an ideal or official and formal look. However, it comes with the basic feature of the date display. With its stainless steel material bracelet, it is very durable. Likewise, it is water-resistant up to 100m and luminous hands and markers of the watch allow the users to read the display even at night.

However, it is an ideal watch for all the men out there. It comes with sapphire crystal glass which makes it scratch-resistant. That is the plus point of this sapphire crystal watch. Similarly, the design and overall features of this watch are just great. This quartz movement watch with its day and date display and a diameter of about 37mm is just the perfect thing for you. In short, it is an accurate and durable watch.

  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Sapphire crystal and blue dial
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • The luminous is a bit low

How Strong is Sapphire Crystal?

If we look at how tough sapphire crystal is, we will notice that the sapphire crystal is very resilient to scratches which makes them very durable. Likewise, the sapphire crystal is not very brittle to cracking and shattering. Thus, sapphire crystals are much stronger than any other stuff. They don’t even crack or shatter after hammering. So, you can guess how tough it is.

In conclusion, let me tell you why sapphire crystal watches are great and are liked by everyone. The first reason is that Sapphire is harder than mineral which is why it can better resist scratches. Secondly, the Sapphire glass is very nonpolar and mineral glass is more polar that means that the water will disperse on the mineral. Whereas, sapphire glass is more water-resistant. The water doesn’t spread all around on sapphire crystal glass. The Sapphire watches are incredible watches with a lot of great features.

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