Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands in 2022 – Reviews & Guide

best tv stand with fireplace

The best tv stand with a fireplace has always won the hearts when it comes to providing a convenient source of heating. Due to rapid technological progress, it has become easier to get warmth and beauty at the same time. However, electric fireplaces freed us from the tension of cleaning dust and ashes. Manufacturers are coming with an electric fireplaces TV stand that runs on electricity but provides the effect of a real fire.

However, the TV and media stand with electric fireplaces are trending and people are loving them. The TV stands electric fireplace is available on the market today. They offer a range of designs, styles, colors, and features. So, after thorough research came up with some of the most stunning and functional ones here. You can easily pick up the best electric fireplace TV stand for your home.

Best TV Stands With Fireplace

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1. WE Traditional Wood Fireplace Stand For TV

WE Furniture Traditional Wood Fireplace Stand review

The WE Furniture 58’’ wood fireplace has a stunning design and is very sturdy. The fireplace is a supplemental source of heating and can easily heat room up to 400 square feet. Thus, it is an awesome substitute for a fireplace, it is greatly constructed using decent wood. The unit allows you for the light only when the heat is as required. Likewise, for cold days, one can turn both the heat and lights simultaneously.

It aesthetically looks very great and you can easily hang your TV over it. Moreover, the electric fireplace features a cable management system to run cords in the back of the TV stand. Likewise, it can easily be installed without the services of an electrician. It is a simple plug-in unit.

However, it not only is an electric fireplace insert for keeping your room warm and cozy but also features enough storage for you. You can easily keep remote controls, magazines, CDs, and newspapers, etc.

Similarly, there are two amazing shelves behind its glass doors on both sides of the fireplace insert. This electric fireplace is made of durable wood and is quite easy to install. If you follow its easy instructions, you will quite easily assemble it.

  • Amazing storage shelves for keeping necessary items
  • Built using high-quality wood
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • You can use it with or without heat
  • Plug-in unit
  • Some people faced issued with the pilot holes

2. Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace Stand

Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace Stand review

If you are searching for something unconventional and a perfect fit, then Ameriwood is the best choice. This unit makes your room stunning and comfortable. It has been durably constructed using high-quality MDF and sturdy metal parts with white laminated particleboard, and can easily support a maximum weight of up to 120 Lbs.

Additionally, it can easily hold any flat television with a maximum of 70 inches in width. Moreover, it consists of six open shelves. You can easily put items like remotes, books, video games, and newspapers, etc. on these shelves.

Similarly, it is an excellent fireplace insert that features adjustable flame brightness. Moreover, you can operate it both with and without heat ideal for any season. Instead of the conventional yellow or white lights, this unit uses blue LEDs in its cabinets, and the flames also provide similar bright and colorful illumination.

Thus, this is an ideal fireplace with an easy installation and aesthetic look. Overall, this makes a great choice for the price and the manual illustration makes it easy for you to assemble it.

  • Great metal feet with tempered glass doors
  • Sturdy and great lighting
  • Easy to put together
  • Well-made and easy to use
  • Very stable stand
  • It scratches a bit easier, make sure to use it properly

3. WE Furniture Farmhouse Barn Wood Fireplace Stand

WE Furniture Farmhouse Barn Wood Fireplace Stand review

This is an amazing WE fireplace that features amazing design and construction. It beautifully features an electric fireplace that heats the room to 400 square feet. Similarly, it features adjustable shelves where you can easily put items like TV receivers, books, newspapers, remote, and other such items.

The unit is sturdy and great-looking. This electric fireplace is made of lamented type veneer. Following the manual instructions, you can easily put it together as it is quite easy to assemble. Hence, there is not even a need for an electrician.

Furthermore, there is a cable management feature that keeps the space clean and tidy. It has an aesthetic fireplace display, likewise, the heat can also be turned on separately. Shortly, it is an amazing electric fireplace for you and a TV stand which you can buy.

  • Pretty solid and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Can be operated with or without heat
  • Has amazing adjusting shelves
  • Assembling it is a bit time consuming

4. Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace

Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace review

The Ameriwood Home Farmington has 23 inches electric fireplace that can be operated with or without heat. Similarly, its stand can support a 50 inches wide flat-screen TV weighing up to 55 pounds. This unit is beautifully made of laminated MDF and particleboard. The weathered black woodgrain finish adds a beautiful rustic appeal to your room.

Additionally, the unit features an open-top shelf and two side cabinets providing enough storage for your accessories such as video and audio components along with your DVD and game collection. Likewise, there are adjustable and fixed shelves behind the doors for customizing the storage space.

The open shelf has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 30 pounds and the shelves behind the doors have a weight-bearing capacity of up to 15 pounds. Similarly, the electric fireplace also features various flame and heat settings. The settings can be controlled with a remote control or with its touch panel.

  • Nice and realistic flame effect
  • Features an open shelf and two behind the door shelves
  • Can support flat TV of 55 pounds
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • No negative reviews yet

5. Ameriwood Home Edgewood TV Console with Fireplace

Ameriwood Home Edgewood TV review

If you are looking for something beautiful and classic, then Ameriwood Home Edgewood is a perfect choice. This unit is the perfect thing with its Ultra-flame LED technology that adds ambiance and warmth to the room. Hence, it creates a realistic flame with or without heat. Ideally, it can easily warm up room up to 400 square feet.

Furthermore, the TV console easily supports up to a 60″ Flat Panel TV (95 lbs.) with wire management. In total, the unit comes with four shelves in which you can easily put the necessary stuff like books, magazines, CDs, DVS, and video games, etc.

More, it is made of laminated particleboard and MDF that adds style to the room. It also is a great thing for the price you pay. Thus, this fireplace will add great comfort and style to your room.

  • Beautiful stand and electric fireplace insert
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Durable and stunning
  • Ideal for room up to 400 sq. ft
  • Lack of a remote control
  • Wood glue may fall insufficient for assembling

6. Ameriwood Home Edgewood Fireplace

Ameriwood Home Edgewood Fireplace review

This is a great fireplace from Ameriwood that doesn’t require high maintenance.  It is a great fireplace TV stand that supports TVs having a width up to 5 inches. Likewise, the firm stand easily supports weight up to 80 pounds. It is constructed of laminated MDF and particleboard, and the black finish provides stand a modern and stunning feel.

Furthermore, it features realistic flame effects on the fireplace insert and hence can be operated with or without heat. However, you can enjoy the flame effect even in the summer. It is a plugin unit and can easily warm up room up to 400 square feet.

There are a total of five open shelves with wire management holes. However, the shelves allow you to easily organize all of your video and audio components. The top shelf has a weight-bearing capacity of 40 pounds. Whereas, each lower shelf will hold weight up to 20 pounds. This is thus the best TV stand fireplace that requires at least two adults to assemble it. However, the manual instructions make the assembling process easier.

  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Creates a decent amount of heat
  • Sufficient shelf storage
  • Ideal for living room
  • The assembling is time-consuming but easy
  • Lack of a remote control

7. Real Flame Calie Electric Fireplace

Real Flame Calie Electric Fireplace review

The real flame Calise electric fireplace is a great unit that is solid and very well-constructed. It is made of veneered MDF construction and is a great fireplace insert with a TV stand. The unit has a heating coverage of 400 square feet. So, it can easily heat a room of up to 400 sq. ft.

Moreover, it comes with amazing side shelves and a center shelf. The shelves provide enough storage for items like newspapers, videos games, and CDs, etc. Similarly, it has a great mantel and also features a firebox, remote control, and screen Kit.

Honestly, though, it fits any size TV and the weight-bearing capacity of the stand is 100 pounds.  The unit has a stunning fireplace and is very easy to assemble. Shortly, it is a great addition to the living room. It would enhance the aesthetic look of the home. Likewise, it is a good source of heat and warmth.

  • Sufficient shelf storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • The idea for room up to 400 square feet
  • A firm TV stand
  • The weight-bearing capacity of up to 100 pounds
  • Time-consuming assembly but easy

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands Buyer’s Guide

There are some important features in every fireplace that you consider. Whenever you think of buying a fireplace, you have some expectations from them in terms of features. So, the enlisted features here are those essential features that you need to consider while buying an electric fireplace. Particularly speaking about TV stand fireplace then you have to consider the following essential points:

1. The Size of The Fireplace

The purpose of buying a TV stand electric fire is that you want to accommodate your TV and at the same time need a supplemental heating device. So, the size of the TV stands matters. You will check both the width and weight-bearing capacity of the TV stand. It may be capable enough to bear the weight of your TV and also fits it perfectly. Similarly, one needs to consider the dimensions of the assembled stand also to see it fits the place or not. So, whenever you buy one, make sure to consider these points.

2. The Heating Feature

The second quality you need to look for is its heating power. As the fireplaces are not only for decoration purposes. The primary purpose is always its heating function. They are added to the room as a source of warmth and heat. So, you need to look for these features also. Based on the size of your room, you will select the one with the required capacity to heat your room. Mostly, the units have a seating capacity of 400 square feet.

3. Shelves and The Compartments

While selecting the best electric fireplace TV stand, you will always pick the ones with enough drawers, shelves, or cabinets, etc. the shelves and compartments allow you to keep the stuff like cable boxes, DVD players, books, CDs, DVDs, and others. However, you may also consider the storage capacity of each shelf or cabinet. So, whenever you select an electric fireplace TV stand, make sure to consider these points.

4. The Safety Features

When selecting any electrical device, safety features are one of the most important points. However, the mentioned electric fireplaces above are all safe to use and come with full protection. It is thus safe to have small kids or pets around. The heat vents are designed in a way that it keeps your TV and other devices safe from heat and damage.

5. Cable Management

The electric fireplaces that have cable management are the best. The cable management system helps in keeping the cables untangled and safe. So, the mentioned electric fireplace here is all safe and comes with a cable management system.

So, these were some of the essential features you need to consider while buying an electric fireplace. We also have gone through thorough research and came up with some of the most amazing fireplaces available on the market today.


Electric fireplaces have always been a great addition to the home in terms of heat and décor. They provide both warmth and style to the room. So, that is why we suggest you get any of these stunning fireplaces to make your room more comfortable and calming.

The fireplaces offer a range of features that perform two functions simultaneously. Hence, these would make the best choice for your home. In the above section, the electric fireplaces with various designs have been mentioned to complement your living or bedroom beautifully.

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