Best Brushes For Chalk Paint in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

best brush for chalk paint

It is very necessary to own the right set of brushes if you plan on painting furniture. The chalk paint is the best replacement for traditional household paint. Similarly, it is easier to apply and dries fast. Therefore, you get the best results in no time.

However, you also need the best brush for chalk paint. The brush is as necessary as the paint itself. Using the right set of chalk paint brushes will give new life to your furniture and ornaments.

In this article, we tried to bring you some of the best brushes for chalk paint. Thus, you can select any of your favorite and reliable brands.

Best Chalk Paint Brushes in 2022

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1. Vintage Tonality Chalk & Wax Paint Brush

Vintage Tonality Chalk brush review

Here comes this amazing set that contains almost everything for all your furniture and they ensure superior results also. There are 12 pieces of items included in the set. As a result, one can buy this set as it has everything that one may need for impressive printing results.

The brushes are known to be versatile of great quality. Plus, they are equipped with natural bristles to produce better results. The bristles are soft natural boar hair. There are three brushes in the package.

Out of which, you can use a large round, small pointed head, and a small flat brush. All of them are there for the intended use. You can get impressive wide paint coverage using the round-headed brush.

Similarly, to paint small corners and intricate areas, you can rely on the pointed brush. Finally, the small flat-headed brush can be used for small applications. Other items included in the set are; bristle soap, gloves, 150 grit block, cotton bag, stir stick, #4 knife, box, guide + eBook.

The bristles need to be washed with bristle soap for proper maintenance. Otherwise, they may shed. You would these all-in-one furniture brushes. They are perfect for heavier paints, chalk finish paints, mineral, milk paint & wax brands.

  • A complete set that includes almost everything
  • Bristle soap
  • A total of three brushes
  • Comfortable handle
  • A bit on the pricey side since it contains a large range of stuff

2. Professional Chalk & Wax Paint Brush

Professional Chalk brush

Here comes another set of amazing brushes that contains two pieces overall. The brushes are known to be the best in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Likewise, they contain some natural bristles. The bristles are suitable for extended use as they don’t shed at all.

However, there are two brushes in the set i.e. a rounded brush and a flat one. This versatile set allows you to handle all sorts of chalk paint. Similarly, the rounded brush can be used for handling the corners. Meanwhile, the flat one is ideal for applying thin coats of paints.

In addition, both the brushes are equipped with wooden handles. The handle is comfortable to grip and can withstand rough and tough use. They are sturdy and solid. All in all, one can call them all-purpose chalk painting. Plus, the handles are lightweight with an ergonomic design.

These chalk paint brushes work with paint or wax and brush on smoothly on a variety of wood and furniture surfaces with natural bristles. Thus, the superior natural bristles create a more traditional look for all your DIY painting projects.

  • Good quality brushes
  • Excellent natural bristles
  • Wooden handle
  • Easy to clean
  • The small brush may shed a little bit

3. 1st Place Chalk Brush Set

1st Place Chalk Brush review

Here comes the perfect set of brushes to meet all your needs. In this set, you will get a total of four different brushes each to use for their intended purpose. You will get 1.5 inch round brush that is not only versatile but works great with all your favorite paints and waxes.

The second brush is wide and 4 inches extra thick. You can use this to paint larger areas. As a result, it reduces the overall application time. Moreover, there is one flat brush and one-pointed head brush. However, depending upon the shape of the brush, their usage also varies.

You can use the flat brush for small and detailed surface applications. Similarly, the flat brush helps apply thin coats of chalk paint. Plus, you can use the pointed brush to fill in the breaks of your furniture with wax. Other than that, the brushes feature a comfortable wooden handle.

All in all, the brushes are high-quality brushes with pure white boar hair bristle. They work great and are ideal for all paint colors and waxes. Bristles are firmly set into rust-proof stainless steel ferrules. So, you don’t have to worry about its longevity as well. The set is ideal and affordable.

  • Great quality brushes
  • Wooden handle
  • Stainless steel ferrules
  • Firmly set bristles
  • Solid wooden handle
  • Works pretty well
  • May shed easily if you don’t follow the instructions

4. 1st Place Chalk & Wax Hand Made Brush

1st Place wax brush review

This one is a set of 3 brushes that is ideal for chalk paint. It contains one round, one-pointed, and one flat brush for fine and smooth applications. The set meets all your requirements. Thus, you can use them to chalk paint all the small and detailed surfaces.

More, the brushes contain high-quality pure white boar hair bristles. They work great with all paint colors and waxes. Similarly, the bristles are firmly set into rust-proof stainless steel ferrule for maximum bristle retention.

As far as the handle is concerned, it is made of premium maple wood with a leather hanging strap. All in all, the brushes measure 6 inches in length. Thus, the handle provides a comfortable grip with reduced hand fatigue. The ergonomic design of the handle is another plus point.

Thus, each brush is durable and can easily be used for years. The material is rust-resistant and has been made with a low shedding design. Shortly, these are great brushes that are easy to clean and are of good quality.

  • Comfortable handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Rugged and stylish design
  • Firmly set bristles
  • Not recommended for painting larger areas

5. Renaissance Chalk Painting & Wax Brush

Renaissance Chalk brush review

The Renaissance Professional chalk paintbrushes are great with natural bristles. This two-in-one brush comes with a rugged and sturdy design. It is thus ideal for all sorts of painting projects.

Likewise, the brushes work well with all brands of paint and wax for all furniture and colors. Moreover, it is equipped with premium pure bristles. The natural bristles are best for an authentic-looking chalked paint project.

The bristles are soft and paint extremely well. Consequently, you get the professional look and good texture of the paint. Having only a one-piece brush, this set is still extraordinary.

The rounded brush has been properly sized for maximum versatility. Moreover, the brush is easy to clean and the bristles don’t harden at all. Shortly, it is a great brush made out of solid wood and features a leather strap for easier storage.

  • Rust-resistant ferrule
  • Leather strap for easy storage
  • Solid wood handle
  • Bristles made of boar hair
  • Not recommended for detailed work

Best Brush For Chalk Paint Buyer’s Guide

To make the most of your paint job, you need the best brush for chalk paint. It is thus essential to select the best brush for this task. Let’s see what are the important factors one needs to consider while purchasing their best brush for chalk paint.

1. Shape

The chalk paint brushes come in various shapes to meet different requirements. You need to be decisive as why you need them and for which purpose. The oval-headed brushes are typically ideal for getting the required finish and coverage.

The angled/pointed brushes are ideal for tight corners and hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, you can use the flat brushes for greater application in lesser time. Thus, you need to decide which brush you need.

2. Bristles

When we talk about bristles, this is the most important factor. The bristles should be soft and easy to clean. Likewise, there are both natural and synthetic bristles and a combination of both. A combination of both would typically do the job well for chalk paint. However, relying upon the bristles made of boar hair would be the wisest. The boar hair is strong and offers plenty of resistance.

3. Width

Considering the width of the paintbrush head is also essential. If you are working on larger projects, consider buying one with a wider brush. Only then you will be able to cover large surface areas.

Secondly, oval brushes are there to paint the hard-to-reach areas. Likewise, there is a whole set of brushes including many pieces in case you want versatility and variety in the set. All in all, it depends on your painting requirements to decide upon the width.

4. Handle

To paint efficiently and comfortably, try to purchase a paint chalk brush that comes with a comfortable and wooden handle. The wooden handles are ideally very durable and handy. Moreover, the handle length should be considered. All in all, the ergonomically designed handles provide comfortable grip along with reduced hand fatigue.

FAQ – Best Brushes For Chalk Paints

What is the best brush to apply chalk paint?

As far as the best brush for chalk paint application is concerned, the natural bristle & Synthetic brushes are the best. The brush with pure bristle is ideal. The bristle is soft and lasts long. Moreover, such brushes are easy to clean as well. Similarly, they are affordable and are best for chalk paint.

Why do you need a special brush for chalk paint?

Well, the answer is obvious. It is the brush that determines the final results. To get the best results and to achieve that hand-painted look, it thus is a must to get the best brush for chalk paint.

How do you get a smooth finish with chalk paint?

To get the smooth and modern finish you need to sand the surface with medium-grit paper first. This will smooth out any obvious textures. Then you may water down the paint and apply it evenly in the same direction as the grain. As a result, you would get a smooth and perfect finish.


Thus, you need the best brush for chalk paint to efficiently paint anything. Therefore, we listed some of the very best chalk paintbrushes from famous brands. There are many sets each having a different number of pieces.

These pieces of brushes are durable and reliable. Moreover, the pieces are intended to meet your different painting requirements. As a result, you would get the best results. Above all, they come at very affordable prices.

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