6 Best Adjustable Ladder For Stairs in 2022

ladder for stairs

Among all the necessary items that you keep at home for your convenience and use, the Best Adjustable ladder for stairs is one of them. It is helpful in many situations; one can use it to reach a certain height, clean the gutter, the ceiling, etc., and the ladders you need should be stable and firm. Stability is the main thing on a ladder, so you don’t lose balance or fall.

Furthermore, a ladder should be portable, easy to store, and easy to carry, as the central theme behind using a ladder is to reach generally unreachable areas. Secondly, to have firm support and complete stability while working on a ladder. So, based on your requirement, you will go for one. They are available in different sizes, weights, and heights for you to select one.

However, all sorts of ladders are available on the market. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best ladders of the year currently available on the market. So, you can select any of the ladders based on your choice and needs:

How to Use a Ladder on the Stairs
How to Use a Ladder 100% Safely

Best Ladder For Stairs

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1. Little Giant MultiUse Ladder

Little Giant 22 Foot Velocity MultiUse Ladder review

That is a little giant 22-foot ladder ideal for various uses. It can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. However, one can use it for commercial and professional benefits, which is also beneficial for outdoor and indoor uses. This model 22 converts to a 19-foot extension ladder, allowing excellent stability and a feeling of safety.

It has a dual-pin hinge and wide flared legs that provide the highest stability. Hence, you can now reach some of the most challenging areas and vaulted ceilings.

In short, it provides excellent stability and the ladders don’t wobble. The flared legs let it stand straight and offers maximum safety. Moreover, it doesn’t require assembling and has a straightforward setup.

  • A stable and durable ladder
  • Provides great stability and safety
  • Well-constructed and easy to use
  • Slightly heavy

2. Extension Ladder

Extension Ladder 6 foot review

Extension Ladder 6-Foot, Step Ladder Telescopic Aluminum 5+7 Ladder Multi-Position, Adjustable And Folding Ladder A-Frame With Hand Rails And Safety-Lock, Anti-Slip Pedal Lightweight, 330 Lbs Capacity

It is a multi-position ladder that is ideal for all. It can support weight up to 300 pounds and provides maximum stability. Hence, you can use it for professional and commercial use. It doesn’t require any assembling as it comes ready for use. However, it also doesn’t need much space for its storage.

So, you can use this aluminum ladder for different uses. It has a modern design and a strong frame. Hence, it allows you to reach a high spot without fear of falling. Thus, one can easily use this ladder depending upon the needs.

  • A lightweight solid ladder
  • Multi-position ladder
  • Made of aluminum and ideal for various use
  • None as Such

3. Little Giant Ladder

Little Giant Ladder Systems review

The little giant ladder is four ladders in one. It is a multipurpose ladder that is very lightweight and easy to use. You can use this multi-use ladder as an A-frame, an extension, a trestle-and-plank scaffolding system, and a 90-degree ladder.

If you fully extend it, you can get an added height of 22 feet. One can easily use it to reach the rooflines; however, one can also use it as an A-frame configuration. That is how it is ideal for use beneath the trees etc. moreover, with its sections adjusted to disparate lengths, one can also use this ladder on the staircase and feel as safe as on the flat ground.

This ladder is ideal for use at home and other professional services. It easily can support weight up to 300 pounds. It remains stable and provides incredible stability. Using this ladder, you can easily reach your high ceilings, can clean gutters, and use it for trimming trees, etc. the ladder is thus self-explanatory and is excellent for various tasks.

  • Stable and flexible in its uses
  • The setup is very easy
  • A ladder ideal for various use
  • Using it properly requires practice

4. Little Giant Combination Ladder

Little Giant 15109-001 Combination Ladder Aluminum

That is a significant step ladder that is very stable and comfortable. It is a very lightweight ladder that is extremely strong and supports an almost weight of up to 300 pounds. Its base spread of 48 inches provides full support and stability. The ladder is safe to use on the staircase or uneven surfaces.

Furthermore, it is excellent all around the ladder and is relatively easy to carry. Similarly, it has an easy height adjustment and is very stable. However, the adjustment allows you to extend the step ladder to 15 inches above the ground. In short, it is very sturdy and provides the best stability.

  • Great ladder and adjusts for uneven surfaces
  • Great stability
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Less steady than other ladders

5. Little Giant Position LT Ladder

Little Giant Ladder Systems 17 Foot

This one is a giant aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum ladder that provides stability at work. It is a 17 feet long ladder that allows good access to areas you can’t usually reach. The ladder is quite versatile and allows easy adjustments to multiple heights. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is very stable and easy to use, allowing weight support of up to 250 pounds. With its multiple configurations, you can use it as A-frame, staircase, 90 degrees ladder, extension, and scaffolding. However, the rear legs have a wide flare that provides extra stability and prevents slippage. Thus, the dual-pin hinge and wide flared legs put you in the safest and most stable position to get the job done.

  • Great stability and support
  • Flexible in its uses
  • Very versatile and easy to adjust
  • Slightly heavy

6. Cosco Multi-Position Ladder

Cosco 18 ft Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder

This one is a versatile ladder that is flexible in its uses. It is a convenient five ladders in one. So you can use it as a step ladder, an extension ladder, scaffold, stairway ladder, and a wall ladder. It comes with the best construction and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, adding to its longevity and durability.

Moreover, it is secure due to its patented hinge design and large spring locking levers. Similarly, the slip-resistant rungs and feet add to its stability. Thus, it is easy to use as a ladder and quickly converts to any position without tools, etc. it also has easy storage as it folds flat. That is thus a highly stable and sturdy ladder. So, it is an excellent ladder for the price and is also very easy to carry around.

  • Five ladders in one
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Sturdy construction and highly durable
  • Relatively heavy but that is what adds to its firmness and stability

How to Use a Ladder on the Stairs?

If you feel like renovating your house, painting the walls, cleaning the gutters, repairing the ceiling, or fixing a frame on the wall, you will need a perfect ladder. Such things happen occasionally, but you need a proper ladder for doing such tasks. However, you would know how to use a ladder on the stairs or on the ground. So, selecting the most stable and helpful ladder is the best option. You can easily use an adjustable ladder on stairs.

Working on the stairs can be risky. It would help if you balanced yourself and could alter its structure. The adjustable ladder can be great for painting walls and similar tasks.

So, if you are doing anything like that, such as painting the wall, fixing the wallpaper, etc., there are some ways you can use a ladder on stairs:

  1. You Need to Make-Shift Scaffolding

You can use a ladder on stairs with an idea for scaffolding. The ladders remain stable and safe this way. Doing this, you will need two ladders. Moreover, it will only work when you have an overhanging wall to prop the lower ladder up. Likewise, some additional tools are required to make support even better.

2. You Can Build Your Ladder Platform

By making a proper plate form for the ladder, you can place it on the stairs and the ladder. That is how it would give firm support and stability to those climbing the ladder. However, this method requires a bit of hard work and is time-consuming, but again, you can build your ladder platform.

3. You Can use a Combination Ladder

You can also use a combination ladder. The ladder features easy setup and allows the user to set up a single side of the ladder lengthier than the other. Following the manual instructions, you can see this combination ladder correctly. Once you set it up, you must set the ladder’s feet from the step edges to prevent slippage. However, it would help if you worked with another person to avoid mishaps.

4. Ladder Aide

You can use a tool called Ladder-Aide. It allows you to height adjust from the single side of the ladder to any appropriate size needed. It is an ideal tool with no requirements for installation.

The setup is easy and quick. Mainly it has three parts, its base, the upright, and its platform. To set it up, you need to place the bottom on the lower stair and slide the upright into the base. Moreover, slide the platform upright, and level it to the height of the upper step. Finally, you will insert the pins to lock it and place it on the platform’s top.

These are some ways you can use the ladders on the stairs. Make sure to use them properly to avoid falling and injuries. You need to use any method based on your needs and safety.

Safety Tips For Using a Ladder on Stairs:

A ladder is a simple tool that allows you to approach a certain height and do some critical tasks that are impossible otherwise. Hence you can use it to reach certain heights like gutters, ceilings, walls, etc. Chances of falling and injuries are always present. To avoid such injuries and falling, one needs to get the right ladder for the right job, use a ladder correctly, and follow some necessary safety precautions.

Safety Tips for using a ladder

Safety Tips Before Every Single use:

  1. If you want safety and avoid injuries, you must check the ladder before climbing on it correctly. Make sure that the ladder is in excellent working condition. Never use a damaged or broken ladder to get your work done.
  2. Tighten all the rivets, joints, nuts, bolts, etc. Similarly, check if the steps and rungs are stable and secure.
  3. Check the ladder properly in terms of its cleanliness. You can slip away if there is oil, grease, or other slippery stuff on the ladder. Likewise, the shoes you wear while climbing the ladder should also be clean and non-slippery.
  4. Please don’t use a ladder with missing parts or welded joints etc. it is always better to buy a new one to get the job done.
  5. Don’t use a damaged ladder. Could you get rid of it as soon as possible?
  6. Follow the proper installation methods and check if the ladder is in perfect condition with a good setup. Be sure to climb the ladder when you are healthy and don’t have any problem with fainting, weakness, etc. Moreover, always try not to put weight on more than its bearing.
  7. Don’t use a ladder with twisted, bent, or dented stiles.
  8. Always keep the children away from where you have placed the ladder. Make sure to start your work with full precaution and safety measures.
  9. Using a ladder might look simple, but it is no joke. You should always set up a ladder properly.

How to Use a Ladder 100% Safely?

When it comes to using ladders, your safety always lies first. After reading all the instructions and following the precautions, etc., there is still a chance to be safer and more secure once you are on the ladder.

  1. Don’t take heavy stuff with you on the ladder.
  2. Don’t overreach the areas.
  3. Make sure it allows you to reach the height without any effort. Don’t try to get more than the permitted heights.
  4. Don’t lose your grip on the ladder while climbing or descending. Make sure you face the rungs and have your grip. Don’t slide on the ladder.
  5. You can also use an effective tool for stability.

Who Should use a Ladder at Work?

When using a ladder at work for complex tasks, you need to be competent. One who uses a ladder must be rational enough to read and follow all the instructions of using a ladder. Sometimes, you get expertise in your field, which works using a ladder. In another case, I would always suggest proper training.

Note: a pre-check or visual inspection by any competent person minimizes the chances of injuries or loss.


So, these all ladders are the top ladders on the market. You can select any of them based on your needs. Hence, you longer will wish to be taller to reach a certain height because these ladders for stairs allow you to get a specific size quickly without fearing to fall. The ladders mentioned above all provide you with both comfort and safety.

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