Best Sapphire Crystal Watches Under $300 – Reviewed 2020

sapphire crystal watches under 300

Well, when it comes to Sapphire Crystal Watches, we all get quite cautious while buying. In watches, everything matters, one looks for the design, accuracy, features, and of course, the durability. No matter how much they charge us, we never compromise when it comes to durability. Some other pluses would be its scratch-resistant and water-resistant quality. The watches with no protection would definitely won’t last long.

So, every single consumer who has searched for a watch might have faced all the struggle, one would normally have to deal with while purchasing a watch.

The search gets even tougher when you are buying it for someone else as a gift or something. You know that you pay something, so you demand durability and every single detail to be perfect. The chronograph, dials, date/day window display and every other minor feature should be perfect. However, when it comes to crystal sapphire watches, they are always in demand. Many of the brands are available on the market and at times it puts us in a real struggle while selecting a watch.

So, in order to solve your problem and end your struggle. I have reviewed some of the best sapphire watches under 300 which can help you in your selection. This Sapphire watches range from economical to expensive.

However, the prices are just equal to what they present. You can select any of the watches from the list of these top watches we have mentioned here. I am sure, you would be happy to have these watches. They offer everything to be it quality or durability, perfect timings, scratch, and water-resistant quality, stylish designs and looks and every other thing you expect in a watch. Let us read about these watches now and then make a permanent decision about which one to buy.

Best Sapphire Crystal Watches Under 300

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1. Citizen Watches Men’s BM7100-59E Corso Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Watches Mens review

If you are looking for quality and exception workmanship in a watch, then this citizen Eco is the best choice. This is an accurate, durable, and relatively inexpensive watch. Of course, this is something coming from someone who owns Rolex, Quartz, Swiss Watches, and Hamilton, etc. if you once use it, it will be your forever Citizen Watch. However, it is a great looking watch with a dressy look and you can wear it with a suit properly. You would also witness that it has a masculine look and is bold at the same time. People can easily wear it with jeans and sportswear as well.

Talking about the dials, the dial has oversized silver hands and with the accentuated silvery markers, it contrasts well with the black dial. Coming towards its luminosity, it has amazing luminance with a beautiful shade of cyan or blue, the watch glows even in the dim light of dusk or dawn. As for the users, the watch is rated at 100M for water resistance. Well, you would love the nice combination of brushed and polished stainless steel. Luckily, it has a very cute size of 41mm, without counting the crown.

Likewise, the sapphire crystal tops it off and is a real positive point of this watch. It obviously has a great case and crystal and can stand up for years of abuse and rough use and would still look good.  In addition, you would love the bracelet, which is solid link stainless steel and has a push-button deployment clasp. That indeed is something you would expect from expensive watches. And finally, the other important aspect of the watch is the fact that you can easily charge it. In short, it is a versatile watch with so many amazing features.

  • Incredible watch with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant to 100m
  • Solid end links and keep excellent time
  • The date window might sound small for the aged eyes

2. Seiko Men’s SGG731 Titanium Silver Dial Watch

Seiko Mens SGG731 Titanium Silver review

This is an amazing Seiko watch that has a Sapphire Crystal watch. The sapphire crystal watch makes all the difference. Since we know that sapphire is highly resistant to scratching. Moreover, it gives a premium look as it catches the light when on your wrist. Let me admit that the titanium band is very nice and feels lighter than if it were stainless.

It has some aesthetic qualities which are simple, clean and has a functional design. Similarly, you would find that the second hand is gorgeous. Likewise, the minute and second hands are nicely sized and tell time very well. Even more, the glow of the watch allows you to read the time even in the dark. I personally like the day/date window in this watch. Now, I can never think of going back just to date. So, this allows you to see both quickly with its perfect functional design.

In addition, I think it is pretty cool, and the typography used for sapphire/titanium is very pleasing. The subdued black background which is more like greyish looks perfectly well. So, you can wear it very well and dress up nicely. The watch looks quite great when you wear it. It has lightweight and is simply elegant plus attractive.

However, it is the perfect deal for the money you pay against it. It is classy, gaudy and has an aesthetic touch. For around $100, you get a sapphire watch which is quite good. I would, for sure, recommend all to try this watch out. They will surely be not only satisfied but would love this watch.

  • Light, stylish and elegant look
  • Perfectly functional
  • The best brand with aesthetic qualities
  • Tells time accurately well
  • The Titanium clasp somewhat scratches easily but this is a minor issue
  • Some think that day/date is small and reading sometimes gets difficult

3. Citizen Watches AT4008-51E Perpetual Chrono A-T Watch

Citizen Watches AT4008-51E Perpetual Chrono

This is a light-powered Eco-drive watch featuring three sub-dials. The watch is perfect when it comes to its sturdy construction and stunning features. There is a date day display and this is a Japanese quartz movement with analog display.

This is a 42mm stainless steel case with anti-reflective sapphire dial window. It is both durable and great. Moreover, it comes with a Stainless steel bracelet with fold-over-clasp-with-hidden-double-push-button closure.

It is water-resistant up to 200m which is suitably ideal for the professional marine activity, and other surface water sports. Make sure not to use it for scuba diving. The hands are luminous that allows you to read the time even in the dark. Thus, this is a great citizen watch which comes with great features and is very easy to read.

  • No battery replacement needed
  • Luminous hands so it is readable in the dark
  • Time is easy to read
  • The busy face of the watch might distract you

4. Bulova Men’s 98B243 Sea King Analog Display Quartz Black Watch

Bulova Mens 98B243 Sea King

Bulova sea king is an amazing dive watch that you have. The watch has a 262 kHz quartz movement and comes in a case with a round shape. You would be happy to see that it is made of black ion-plated 316Lstainless steel with crown and chronograph buttons. The case is thick which gives it a decent look. However, the dial colors us black and the crystal of the watch is anti-reflective scratch-resistant flat sapphire which makes it even more worthy of buying.

Moreover, the hour and minute hands are made of luminous silver-tone which is amazing. Similarly, this chronograph dive watch is just a perfect choice. You would love its water-resistance quality, it features 300meters water resistance. I strongly recommend one to purchase this buy as it is a very strong and nice dive watch. The users are definitely going to love this incredible watch.

The watch luminous is surely very normal, it will dim after 20 minutes. However, it continues to be readable through the night. The case back comes with a nice design too. Even more, it is bigger than the average watch, so it is not suitable if one has a small wrist. It has an easy to grip and etched bezel. The chronograph and crown buttons are screw down.

The Bulova marked rubber diving strap is very solid and looks very nice on the wrist. In short, it is a solid built, quality chronograph dive watch which gives an amazing impression.

  • An amazing and versatile dive watch
  • Black ion-plated stainless steel
  • Water-resistant
  • Maybe a bit heavy for small wrists



It is a classy looking sport watch that one can easily wear both at home or in the office. The watch has great quality, accuracy, and the overall look of the watch is an amazing masterpiece. It features amazing water resistance up to 330 feet. Similarly, it is powered by the Swiss quartz movement to ensure that you are always protected. The watch is simply ideal for those who love watches which not only tells time but also looks good when you wear on your wrist.

Indeed, the case diameter, which is 42mm is a plus point about this watch. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal gives it a very cool look and protects the dials easily. I personally would follow such watches for ages. However, you would love the watch Tissot which is quite ideal for athletics. Similarly, it has a leather band with a stainless steel case. The long-lasting materials, of course, guarantee extended use of the product. Even more, the black dial along with silver hands adds more to the tough exterior.

  • Sporty look
  • Crisp easy to read face
  • Genuine watch with an elegant look
  • Have not noticed any as yet

6. Tissot Men’s T-Classic Dream White Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch

Tissot Mens T-Classic Dream

The Tissot T classic watch is a nice value for slightly more than 150 dollars you can own the watch. This is a very accurate one with an elegant and handsome look. The dial it has is very plain and makes quite a good offer for the price one pays against this watch. The Tissot Men’s watch has straps with the stainless steel case. Moreover, brown leather straps are quite comfortable.

You would love the white dial that includes the Roman numerals because it looks very stylish with Roman numerals. Surely, like every other ideal watch, it also has a date window which is quite easy to read.  The watch very handsomely features the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a precise Swiss quartz movement and many more. It surely deserves a place in your collection. You would definitely be simply loving it.

Finally, you should definitely go for it. The name tells the quality, the glass is hard to scratch and saves you from countless drops. The box, even, comes with a premium look and is in fact, the most economical watch in store. However, more about the watch, the watch comes with 2 years warranty from the reseller. This indeed adds value to the foreign buyers as well. Nevertheless, this is a perfect watch for all sorts of buyers.

  • An elegant and handsome watch with sapphire crystal on a Swiss watch
  • Very attractive price and almost vintage design
  • Keeps excellent time and is very light and comfortable
  • Packaging and pamphlets are a nice touch
  • A screw-down case back could have been better
  • The design could fit the more conservative hands better
  • Much of the quartz movement is made of plastic

7. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection Watch – Black

Invicta Mens Pro Diver Collection Watch review

Any user who loves watches and is concerned about each and every little detail of the watch is now where he should have been. Let me tell you about this amazing watch i.e. Invicta Men’s Pro Driver collection watch. With its 40 mm stainless steel case with a mineral dial window, the watch would just blow your mind away. I personally like its lugs which has a brushed finish on its top, with no extra glare, but the sides have got its own standard shine.

Moreover, the dive watch in the silver-tone finish that features blacktopping looks quite beautiful. However, the black dial, luminous hands, and the magnified date window are some of the other plus points about this watch. Most importantly, the watch is water-resistant up to 200m i.e. 660ft. I would strongly recommend this watch to those who are indulged in some professional marine activity and do some serious water surface sports.

This watch, indeed, provides excellent time and is an automatic one. Somehow, the bezel is quite different which we see in this particular watch. Similarly, you would find the case size to be perfect for you. The band is amazing and surprisingly, the watch is lightweight which makes it suitable for all-day wear. Surely, we know that people like luminous about watch the most. That is why this watch also offers you a fantastic luminous and is a low-budget champion diver. I would finally suggest you all look at this watch and read in a bit detail about it. I am sure, you won’t be reluctant about buying it.

  • An amazing watch with the perfect case size
  • Perfect and magnified date window
  • Watch hands glow great in the dark
  • Overall, good looks and is water-resistant
  • Watchband may feel a little big but it is okay as it is a dive watch
  • Some may find the automatic movement to be little fast

In conclusion, these were some of the best watches I searched and read about personally. I wanted you to have the best watch even in less time. Your struggle may end up when you read about these watches. They are durable, strong, comes with the best chronographs, and dials, etc. even the straps, bezel, window display and everything in these watches are perfect. However, everything comes with some cons but the cons are able to be ignored with the price you pay against each watch. The price totally is justified by the prices you pay against these watches. So, don’t hesitate and hurry up in picking an ideal watch for the lifetime. You would definitely buy it again and again.

Why Buy Sapphire Crystal Watches?

As you know that it is one of the hardest minerals found. So, they are extremely durable and versatile. People like it because of its scratch-resistant quality. It adds a good life to the watches and can be used for both external glass faces and internal metal bearing. Thus, Sapphire Crystal watches are the best option when buying a Watch.  The Sapphire Scratch Resistance is one of the most demanded features of a Sapphire Crystal watch. Just because Sapphire mineral is hard, it is mostly used on the faces of high brands and high-quality watches.

What Is The Difference Between a Sapphire and a Mineral?

Well, when water gets on a sapphire crystal, they stay together and form a bead. Whereas, if water gets on a mineral crystal, you would see the water moving in separate directions. The sapphire crystal is a light tinted pink or milk-white color. Whereas, when we look at minerals, they are often blue in color. The Sapphire crystal is cold and has an icy touch, whereas, the mineral crystal is not.

Is Sapphire Crystal Very Expensive?

It generally is a bit more expensive than other plastic or crystals. Since it has a lot of good qualities. That is, the sapphire crystal does not get scratched and are made of glass. From the technical point of view, as Sapphire Crystal is hard. So, it gets difficult to cut and polish this extremely hard material. That’s why they are comparatively more expensive than other crystals.

Can We Guess if a Crystal is Made of Sapphire Just By the Looks of it?

Nay, for a mineral and sapphire glass almost look the same. So, if you want to know whether the crystal is actually sapphire or not, then you need to go for a scratch test. A simple mineral glass can easily be scratched with a knife or screwdriver but a sapphire won’t be scratched. The only option to check whether it is a sapphire or not, you need to do the scratch test.

Is Scratch-Resistant Crystal Totally New in The Market?

When it comes to its origin, so, they are not very new in the market. Back in the 19th century, they were first used in a watch in the 1960s. Now, when we see all the famous brands and those whose watches are performing well in the market, use synthetic sapphire crystal in their models. That is how watches become more durable and long-lasting. As people don’t like scratches on their watches.

We Have a lot of Scratch-Resistant Crystal, are all of Them Made of Synthetic Sapphire?

Well, there are some other mineral glass crystals too which don’t get scratches. Since this crystal has a hard coating over them that is how they don’t get scratched normally. Sapphire Crystal is in the real sense Scratch Resistant.

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