How To Get a Smooth Finish With Chalk Paint

How To Get a Smooth Finish With Chalk Paint

Most people using chalk paint for the first time may be unsure about getting a smooth finish. Yes, you can make your chalk painting experience enjoyable and liberating. You do not need to follow any labor-intensive process to get a smooth finish. Let us look at some of the tips on how to get a smooth finish with chalk paint.

1. A project with chalk paint is always a fun way to start! Just because chalk paint thickens. As a result, it is usually a good idea to dilute the chalk paint with little water before applying it. Moreover, use brushes with willow as they are best to use with water-based paint. Annie Sloan brushes are very forgiving with aqua-soluble chalk paint because it doesn’t dry entirely, preventing good bristle upkeep.

2. It may be tough to get a faultless finish when painting with chalk paint with a large, flat brush. Begin by brushing a consistent, solid application of chalk paint across the surface at a 90-degree angle with a delicate brush. Continue to paint with a variety of brushstrokes to produce texture.

3. Apply a wash of a few tones of a single color to the wet paint to obtain a smooth, blended surface.

4. A paintbrush’s brush markings might be tough to remove. But there’s no need to be concerned. Soak a cotton swab in acetone, place it on the mark, and wipe the marks away.

5. The final results of the paint depending on the second coat. All of the intended colors and shine should be present in the initial application of paint. The second coat protects the first coat by applying a firm top layer of chalk paint. Brush lightly in all directions before applying the second coat to a damp first coat. This procedure leaves the least amount of brush marks possible.

6. Sanding is another essential thing to go for if you are using chalk paint for painting furniture. Sanding helps in getting rid of the scratches and patches on the surface. Sanding your chalk-painted furniture will result in a smoother finish.


Thus, you can now make your room and furniture look different. So, the practical yet chic option is chalk paint. The chalk paint provides a fresh and modern take on paint and waxes and delivers color and texture that brings everything — from upholstery and trim to walls and floors — to life.

Following the above tips, you can get a smooth finish with chalk paint. Moreover, practice is all it takes to get that perfect finish. 

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