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harmony hub alternative

If you want something quick and smart to control all your smart devices, then the Harmony hub alternative is the solution. It is a device that controls all the smart devices at your home. Logitech harmony hub is efficient and does you work in no time.

So, it has become very easy to control all the devices with universal remotes. Now, with a single button press, you can get all your work done and automate all the tasks. So, setting up your smart home configuration is possible with the Logitech harmony hub alternative also. However, you have to choose one perfect hub to get the job done.

However, people shared their issues with harmony hubs. Some claim that when they turn on/off any of their devices, it turns off/on all other devices. So, if you are getting frustrated with your Logitech Harmony hub device, then there are many other alternatives.

Luckily, the harmony hub is not the only product, many alternatives have been introduced since then. Today, we are breaking down some of the best harmony hub alternatives which you can buy.

Top Logitech Harmony Hub Alternative – Smart Home Hubs

1. All-New Fire TV Cube – Best Logitech Harmony Hub Alternative

All-New Fire TV Cube review

This Amazon fire cubes come with Alexa enabled remote 12volt, 15-watt power supply, Ethernet adapter plugs into the back of the Amazon Fire cube through micro USB and an IR receiver.

The Amazon fire cube basically has an echo dot built into the unit itself. It has eight far-field microphones on the top and you can actually set this up to control any of your Alexa enabled devices inside of your house.

Furthermore, around the back, we do have a micro USB port, our infrared jack, full-size HDMI and our power input. Now, this micro USB port can be used for OTG storage. So, you can actually expand the storage of your Amazon fire cube if you want to sideload apps from a USB drive or whatnot but you will need an adapter.

Moving over to the specs for the CPU, we have the Amlogic S922X. This is a six-core CPU, four quarts at 2.2 gigahertz and two cores at 1.9 GHz. The GPU is the Mali G52-mp2, running at 800 megahertz. Two GB of LPDDR4, 16GBof internal storage plus you do have the ability to use USB storage with a micro USB 2 full-size USB adapter.

802 11 ABG and an AC Wi-Fi this is a dual-band setup and performances aerially great with this Wi-Fi chip.  Bluetooth 5.0, optional IR receiver that comes in the box you don’t have to plug it in if you don’t want to.  Alexa voice remote plus the built-in speaker and far-field microphones built into the unit itself. So essentially it has an echo dot attached to the box

In the operating system is fire OS 7 this is based on Android 9 but its running in32-bit mode. So you cannot use 64-bit apps with this operating system. Overall, it is the most powerful Amazon fire TV that Amazon’s ever put out on the market.

So, performance is great on this thing but compatibility with sideloaded apps is something that definitely needs to be fixed. These Amazon devices made for media consumption via Netflix, Hulu Pluto, HBO and it works fine for stuff like that.

  • Easy setup. In fact easier than Logitech Harmony
  • Great voice controls
  • Great video quality
  • Less reliable streaming

Shortly, these devices have super easy setup and that is way easier than Logitech Harmony. Similarly, part. The Voice control works great, with a few quirks. Hence, the Fire TV cube allows a much deeper level of voice control than Harmony. All the normal Echo functionality is there, and control of my smart home devices works just as well as it does with my other Echo’s and the video quality also seems great.

2. Caavo Control Center Smart Remote

Caavo Control Center Smart Remote review

This is the Caavo, a universal remote-controlled device that takes all of your favorite set-top boxes, connects them up via HDMI and you can control them through the Caavo box on your television. Here you’ve got four HDMI ports where you can connect your or your home theater system to. It has a network jack. You can plug it into your Ethernet network or you can have it run over Wi-Fi. It doesn’t require that much bandwidth like your boxes might.

Then there is an infrared port that enables one to connect the infrared accessory that comes with the Caavo control center. Not only can you use your Caavo controller as a universal remote but you can even do voice search by simply pressing the voice icon.

Another plus is it can be integrated into your smart home using Amazon Alexa or Google Home. What’s neat about the remote is that it has capacitive buttons that will give you an indicator as to what the Cabos remote button will do one a particular device. In addition to being able to switch between specific devices, you can also switch apps on the Caavo and it will load the app up on the right device.

Thus, it is easy to use and the equipment is connected very easily. It has a simple control and good voice command.

  • Controls multiple devices
  • Great voice control performance
  • Great cross-service search working across the devices
  • No Dolby Vision support yet
  • Very basic smart TV control

3. Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation

Samsung SmartThings Hub review

The Samsung smart things hub is the brain of your home automation system. This is basically where all of your devices within your house can talk to this one little unit and this little unit talks to the cloud and with all those things combined you can port smart processing into.

Samsung smart things are a cloud-based hub that you’re probably familiar with or you might have heard about it’s very easy to do complex automation or basic automation. It works with z-wave and ZigBee and they have their own ZigBee sensors that have been updated recently.

The version 3 hub is fantastic it does everything smart things have been known to do. It’s our latest and greatest hardware. They have lowered the specs on a little bit. It does not have as much RAM in anymore and they have removed the battery but to be honest neither one of those things I think were really needed.

Smart things do connect to a lot of devices believe like hue lights and it’s just as fast as controlling those devices as a hub that only runs locally. The hub is cloud-based so you can control devices and get notifications even when you’re away from your house. So, if your water leak sensors going off or someone comes in your front door and locks your z-wave lock, you can get notified even if you’re on vacation.

The smart things are compatible with a decent amount of devices natively and if you want to get more devices connected to it you can use custom device handlers. It’s also compatible with Lisa and Google Assistant. They are rock solid and the sensor reading is really effective. Moreover, the temperature sensor is also accurate and perfect.

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with a decent amount of devices
  • Effective sensor reading
  • None as such

4. Fire TV Recast, over-the-air DVR

Fire TV Recast over-the-air DVR review

Here comes Amazon’s best Fire TV Recast, it is a live viewing and recording box that is functional with a  Fire TC device and TV antenna. It brings all the local channels at home with a very easy setup. With its seamless integration with amazon accounts and recording features, it is the best Fire TV Recast.  It doesn’t have any subscription fee.

The Amazon Fire TV Recast allows you to watch & record live TV on your Fire TV, Echo Show, or phone. So, if you want to record and watch live TV, the following things are needed i.e. a Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Edition Television, and an HD Antenna. There is not no need of placing the Recast unit and HD antenna near your TV which is quite a relief.

The antenna scans for all the channels within its range and then you can watch your content on your TV or mobile phone. Similarly, the app is easy to navigate and easily record a show on. The device comes with two storage sizes of the unit i.e. 500 GB and 1 TB.  You can record up to 2 shows at once and also store up to 75 hours of HD programming.

In short, it comes with a reliable watch and record experience. So, you can now easily watch sports, local news, late night shows through an HD antenna. Similarly, with its Alexa computability, you can use your voice to search for shows, manage the recordings, and control the channel guide.

  • Most reliable video streams
  • Quick channel scanning and easy setup
  • A very basic user interface

5. SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote

SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote review

This is a smart remote-control that has built-in Bluetooth, can connect to TV boxes, regular TVs,  DVD players, sound systems and even has a companion app to help you assist in that process. So if you want a unified Smart Remote to control all of your home appliances, air conditioners, TV boxes, even which use Bluetooth, this might be an interesting option to take a closer look at. It will automatically learn different IR codes from existing remotes and then add it to its built-in memory.

Then you’ll have an interface to add devices. It is simple and easy to use. You need to download the basic SofaBaton app from the Google Play store. To start the sync from the remote, you need to press 2 buttons, the E and the minus key for 3 seconds. However, in its user interface, Roku and Amazon Echo Dot Alexa have been preprogrammed in the graphical user interface menu.

Overall, the buttons feel great and the remote comes with a very fine layout. It is easy to use and the app takes all the guesswork out of programming. It thus facilitates you with simple control for the entire house just by one remote.

  • Easy to use with an easy setup
  • Great layout
  • Dark display

6. BroadLink RM Pro + WiFi Smart Home Hub

BroadLink RM Pro review

Now all your appliances can be controlled by only one smart device. It almost supports 5000+ models of home appliances, TC, Set-top box, air conditioning, and loudspeaker box, etc. no matter an IR remote or IF remote, one smartphone can do all the controlling jobs. The main purpose of this is unit is to basically allow you to control different items at once.

It functions via an app on a tablet or mobile phone. It is a very versatile piece of equipment compatible with Android and IOS iPhone. Hence, the device works very well and similarly, the setup is also not too hard. You can easily set it up by following the instructions in the IHC app. The device has an easy Alexa integration. It thus is a good alternative to the harmony hub.

In short, it works flawlessly well and you need to set up anything like a TV or a set-top enabling Alexa to recognize it. The Alexa will recognize any scene created in the Broadlink IHC app. You can achieve just about anything this wat. This is a great masterpiece and works quite well.

  • Computability with android and apple
  • Easy setup
  • No power adaptor

7. Broadlink New Red Bean RM Mini 3

roadlink New Red Bean RM Mini 3 review

If you want to control all your devices such as Air Conditioner, TV, STB, Lighting, Audio and more using the best, yet powerful remote hub, then the Broad link RM Mini3 is the best remote for you. Refined with the latest IR technologies and empowered by the Broad Link Global Cloud service technology, you can now control all your IR devices from anywhere.

However, to do so, you need a free Broad link App. This is thus the best universal remote hub that allows you to get relevant information, turn your devices on/off, connecting this remote with Alexa, and control your home via voice command. Thus, this device enables you to embrace smart home control. Likewise, it allows you to control all your smart IR devices.

You will only have to turn it on and get the full control all over your IR devices, the remote control hub will easily connect to your devices such as TV, AC, Sound system, and others. This is thus the best harmony alternative hub for you.

  • Easy setup
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Large IR database
  • None Such as

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So, we provided you with some of the best Logitech Harmony alternatives. You can easily get rid of the issues linked with the harmony hub because the alternatives are now available. Control all your devices with these smart devices. It is thus now easy to get control of all your devices at once.

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