Best Steam Mops For Floors, Tile & Grout Reviewed 2021

best steam mop for tile

Steam Mops are the best tools for cleaning floors, tiles, and windows, etc the Best steam mops for tile and hardwood floors are the only solution when it comes to removing stubborn stains, and grime from the floors, and other areas. Now, you don’t need any chemicals to get them refreshed and sparkling floors and tiles. Just using the hot steam even the most stubborn and dried on stains would go away.

Best steam mops for tiles and hardwood floors not only clean the areas and corners in the house but also sanitize them. Now, you don’t need to worry about the tough and hard stains. Steam mops are categorized based on some qualities as how long does it take to heat, the amount of steam they produce, how much capacity the water tank has, and how efficiently it works.

Steam mops consist of different features and qualities, based on these qualities, we have come up with some of the best steam mops for tile and steam mops for hard floors available on the market.

Top Rated Steam Mops

1. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop

LIGHT N EASY Multifunctional Steam Mop review

This is a light and easy multifunctional steam mop that eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria. So, removing the stubborn stains and other dirty areas has become so much easier. This steam mop for tiles is comfortable and comes with a soft rubber handle. Likewise, the weight of the machines is only 4 pounds. So, one doesn’t have to do many struggles lifting it. One can easily carry it and clean all the dirt and grime etc.

Furthermore, it comes with a very easy setup. Being lightweight and easy to use, does a great job. There are a lot of things it can easily clean efficiently and nicely. However, you also don’t need to spray any chemicals, the steam gets hot enough to clean all the dirt, grime, and stains, etc. This efficient and versatile machine can do so much simpler.

So, you can easily use it as a garment wrinkle remover, upholstery refresher, and bathroom/kitchen deep cleaning. This steam mop is an ideal one removing stains and stubborn stains and drying quickly in the meantime. It has a water tank capacity of 11.50 oz. which is ideal for half an hour of steaming.

  • The steam heats up in 30 seconds
  • Ideal for tiles and hardwood floors
  • Easy set up and is easy to use
  • Cannot be used for carpets and curtains etc

2. Bissell Steam Mop

Bissell Steam Mop review

The Bissell steam mop is an incredible steam mop that you can use for cleaning and sanitizing hard floors. It eliminates 99.9%of the germs and bacteria and you don’t have to use any chemicals to do so. Similarly, it features an onboard spot boost brush that easily removes the tough and sticky messes.

The steam mop with its 25 feet long cord is ideal to easily clean the areas around and is also efficient in cleaning hard-to-reach corners and areas in the house. However, you can easily choose a high or low steam setting based on your requirements. Honestly, though, it is the quickest and an efficient one. It steams up in just 30 seconds and gives a perfect cleaning.

As you clean, it leaves behind a refreshing spring breeze scent. The water tank is also easily refillable with a capacity of 560ml and there are two washable mop pads which are another plus point. However, the weight of the machine is 6.2 pounds. Thus, this steam mop with the cleaning power of 12 amperes is the great choice one can make.

  • Great cleaning and laminating job
  • 560ml water capacity
  • Scented discs with scrubber pads
  • Lack of water level indicator

3. Shark Steam Mop

Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner review

The Shark steam mop is an incredible steam mop that you can use for cleaning and sanitizing hard floors. It eliminates 99.9% of the germs and bacteria and you don’t have to use any chemicals to do so. Similarly, it effortlessly cleans and sanitizes all the areas around with water.

The steam mop cleans the areas around and is also efficient in cleaning hard-to-reach corners and areas in the house. Honestly, though, it is the quickest and an efficient one. It steams up in just 30 seconds and gives a perfect cleaning. It incredibly removes the grease and grime etc.

The water tank is also easily filled and refillable with a capacity of 12.68 ounces. However, the weight of the machine is 4.6 pounds which makes it a lightweight and easy to carry machine. Just because it is easy and compact, it becomes easier to use and store this steam mop. Within no time, you can get the perfect cleaning.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 12.68 ounces water capacity
  • Efficient and compact steam mop
  • For cleaning larger surface area, you need to buy more pads
  • The cord could be longer

4. Dupray Neat Multipurpose Steamer

Dupray Neat steam cleaner review

For keeping floors clean and sanitized, you need this perfect multipurpose steam cleaner. It is ideal for cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing the floors and tiles, etc. It has a large water tank capacity which would work up to 50 minutes of cleaning time per fill up. Luckily, you don’t need any particular pads for this, you can get the job done by using any regular towel or cloth.

With a power cord of 16 inches, it is quite easy to reach every corner of the house. It takes approximately 7 minutes for heating and then you will be able to start cleaning. When it comes to the weight of the steam mops. The lower weights are ideally preferred. This machine has a weight of 9 pounds which may not be very difficult to handle.

Honestly, though, it is ideal for cleaning tough and hard stains. One can easily clean and sanitize the hard floors and other counterparts.

  • Removes stubborn stains and dirt
  • Well-made with durable parts
  • Large capacity for up to 50 minutes
  • Ideal for sanitizing and perfect cleaning
  • Doesn’t come with a water level indicator

5. Shark Genius Steam Mop

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System review

When it comes to getting the best steam mop for tile with plenty of features, shark genius steam mop is the game-changer. It offers a variety of features with the best cleaning and sanitizing power quality. The mop has an electronic steam control and a steam blaster system that make all types of cleaning possible and easy.

Similarly, the mop comes with a dirt grip pad that holds and locks the dirt. Later on, you can wash the padded cloth. Surprisingly, the touch-free technology makes the dirt stay on the pad. That is how your hands remain clean. It comes with three steam control allowing you to select the level based on your needs.

The overall length of the power cord is 22 feet which is quite ideal. Moreover, it has plastic clips on its back which allows safe storage of the cable. The water tank capacity is 11.8 ounces which avoids frequent refilling. In short, it is the best and ideal steam mop for use.

  • Reasonable water tank capacity
  • Amazing filter system
  • Great steam blaster
  • Washing pads after every single use is a bit tiring

6. BISSELL All in One

BISSELL Cross wave Pet Pro review

The Bissell cross wave pet pro is an amazing machine that helps in removing pet hair and cleans the hard floors at the same time. The machine with its motorized brush lifts easily removes the stubborn dirt and pet hair etc. interestingly, you can clean even the hard-to-reach areas with this powerful machine.

Furthermore, it is ideal for cleaning floors and area rugs. It is lightweight and ideal to use for hard-to-reach areas. Likewise, the power cord’s length is 2 feet which is quite good. The steam mop features a specialized pet cleaning solution which is ideal for eliminating pet orders. The water tank capacity is also great i.e. 28 ounces. So, you don’t need frequent refilling.

The dirt tank is another amazing thing about this steam mop. It has a dirt capacity of 14.5 ounces.

It also features a pet pro-multi-surface pet brush. This used an innovative microfiber and nylon brush to easily mop. Thus, you can easily clean all the floors and other counterparts.

  • Easy to use and cleans up pet messes
  • Two in one machine i.e. vacuum and a mop
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Contains an amazing dirt tank
  • The roller gets dirty quickly

7. BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam

BISSELL Symphony Vac review

This is an amazing device allowing you to efficiently vacuum clean floors and wipe the floors with its steam mop. These two in one quality machines are just a great thing for cleaning. It allows you to set the steam at high and low steam and vacuum modes due to its easy touch digital control.

This is just the best thing that enables one to both vacua clean and mops the floors efficiently. However, the disposable pads are just the best thing about the Bissell Symphony. You can easily clean even the toughest mess.

You will get the sparling and full scented floors as the steam mop leave a fresh scent behind. Overall, it features a microfiber soft pad, a   microfiber scrubby pad, a detachable mop pad tray, a detachable Steam boost tray, and Swiffer BISSELL Steam boost disposable pads.

  • The disposable pads
  • Removes the most stubborn stains and messes
  • Two in one machine (a vacuum and steam mop)
  • A total of four mop pads
  • The disposal tank cleans easily
  • The head doesn’t fit the small spaces in the house

What to Look For in a Best Steam Mops

Before making a purchase, you need to be aware of the features a steam mop offers. As every brand and model differs in terms of its size, and weight, etc. for example, a heavy one wouldn’t be easier to move around. That is why, you will be needing a steam mop that comes with the perfect size, weight, and other features.

A standard steam mop can clean all the floors and other counters’ parts. It indeed helps in cleaning windows, bathrooms, and worktops, etc. However, steam mops with perfect heating time, tank capacity, and a reasonable cord length would make a perfect choice. So, a perfect steam mop and vacuum would help you get a sparkling floor and tiles, etc.

The Price of The Steam Mops:

When you purchase a steam mop, one important factor that you consider is the price of the steam mop. Of course, the steam mops from different brands have different prices. The price normally ranges from 40 to 200 dollars and can be higher. You will decide to buy one based on your available budget. The review mops here all come with reasonable prices and special features. So, selecting a steam mop should no longer be a tough job for you.

Steam Mop’s Storage:

Mops usually don’t ask for much space but if they come with special accessories and attachments, then a customer thinks whether he/she has enough space at home to store or them. Generally, it is not that big of an issue. As the reviewed steam mops here all have reasonable size. So, storing them would not be tough.

Temperature and Steaming Time:

Another essential about steam mops is its temperature. Steam mops with higher temperatures basically have higher cleaning power and easily cleans plus sanitizes the floor. Honestly, though, the machines with lower temperatures also do the job but for a more thorough cleaning, the ones with higher temperatures are preferred. Likewise, the steam mops with smaller tanks have a shorter steaming time. Contrary to that, the ones with larger tanks provide steaming for more time. However, it depends on how you want to use it. If you want quick cleaning, then you should not go for those that steam for 30 minutes. In another case, if you want to clean all around the house and a bigger area, the ones which steam for a longer period of time are better.

Tank Capacity:

The tank capacity is another essential of the steam mops which you have to consider before purchasing. As the larger tank capacity gives more cleaning time without the need for frequent refilling. Opposite to that, the tanks with low capacity require frequent refills. The steam mop that doesn’t require frequent refilling is better.

Cord Length:

If you want to clean bigger areas and want the mop to reach all the hard-to-reach areas, you need a steam mop with a lengthier cord. It enables you to reach more areas and clean more. Contrary to that, the steam mops with short cords are not ideal for convenient use and cleaning

Based on these qualities and essential features, we have come up with some of the best steam tops. You can have a look at them here:


In conclusion, I guess it is better to use the best steam mops as it is more efficient and quick in comparison to the typical mopping methods. The steam mops clean all the stubborn grime, dirt, and stains without the use of any harsh chemicals. That is how you get sparkling floors and tiles using these steam mops.

Thus, you get the clean floors, tiles, and other areas of the house with a proper cleaning system. It also sanitizes the areas you clean which is a beneficial thing in terms of maintaining proper hygiene. Steam mops almost kill 99.9% of the germs with their microfiber pads. Shortly, it is the ideal way of cleaning floors. That is why the steam mops for tiles and hardwood floors are preferred all over the world.

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