5 Best Post Hole Digger / Earth Auger Reviews 2022

best post hole digger

When preparing for projects such as building a new home or constructing a retaining wall, one of the first operations is digging several post holes for support beams or support pillars. Power drills and post-hole diggers are among the instruments used for this task, as are manual shovels and pickaxes.

Using post hole diggers can be incredibly helpful to get tasks done, get started on new projects, and enjoy the view. A good post-hole-digger is noiseless and efficient. We listed some of the best post-hole diggers here to make your purchasing process quick and easy.

Best Post Hole Diggers 2022

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1. Southland One Man Earth Auger

One Man Earth Auger review

The Southland SEA438 Auger Manual recoil is ideal for simple operation with a strong gas powerhead. This gas power head leaves a low profile, enabling the user to work through high grass without wearing out the ground.

The manual recoil lever on the back of the Southland auger engages the fuel powerhead. Economical, easy to use, and simple, this handheld tool is perfect for small gardening projects on the go.

Moreover, the post-hole digger has detachable butterfly handles that provide better balance and convenient storage. With 8 inch bit, the auger digs as deep as 2.5 feet depending on the soil condition. All in all, it is a great earth auger with heavy-duty construction.

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Plenty of power
  • Easy to start
  • None as such

2. XtremepowerUS Electric Post Hole Digger

Electric Post Hole Digger reviews

The XtremepowerUS 1500W earth auger is ideal for putting fence posts, decks, digging holes, planting trees, and a variety of other lawn tasks. Its max cutting depth is 4-feet, and it quickly attaches to a flat surface.

Moreover, the tool has a powerful 1500W heavy-duty motor with 10.9 amps. The machine is well-balanced and easy to handle. The earth digger is also sturdy and durable, with 90 feet per pound of torque and a 2,700 RPM impact-rated speed.

The safety lock function prevents any accidental triggering for added security. The tool has an ergonomic design with two anti-skid vibration-proof grips that provide maximum leverage and stability at work. The post-hole digger has durable black paint. As a result, it resists rust and corrosion, providing long-term service.

  • High power
  • Great value for the money
  • Safety lock function
  • Two anti-skid, vibration proof grips
  • Withstands rust and corrosion
  • Not ideal for single man operation

3. DC HOUSE Gas Powered Post Hole Digger

Gas Powered Post Hole Digger reviews

The post-hole digger is ideal for fast drilling into the ground to install fence posts, poles, trees, bushes, and other items. Moreover, it features a 52CC 2.5HP gasoline engine. Thus, one or two people can handle a variety of tasks.

Also, the machine is lightweight and easy to start. It gives you ultimate control to operate the tool. On the top, it is ideal for meeting different Hole dig requirements with its two bits of 6 inches and10 inches.

Thus, one can dig multiple holes in quick succession and save much time. Due to the centrifugal clutch, you can quickly change bits. All in all, it is well worth the purchase and makes holes in seconds.

  • Highly powerful
  • Durable and well-built
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Lightweight
  • On the hard-packed ground, the bit is nearly impossible to use with just one person.

4. Landworks Earth Auger

Landworks Earth Auger reviews

Landworks Earth Auger is an auger with an electric brushless motor. It is motor-driven with a 320RPM reverse torque mechanism to rapidly and efficiently expel the post-hole digger.

Moreover, the post-hole digger is battery-powered, so it does not produce any smog and operates quietly. The machine is also lightweight that makes it easy to use and handle. The powerhead has a 3-planetary gear mechanism for higher transmission efficiency.

The Earth Auger system can dig around 30 holes (with a 2Ah battery rated at 88.8 Watt-Hours) or 60 holes (with a 2Ah battery rated at 88.8 Watt-Hours) (with a 4Ah battery at 177.6 Watt Hours). Besides, this machine has a wide-spaced handle that delivers improved balance during operation.

  • Electric brushless motor
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to start
  • High-quality and well-built
  • May not handle big rocks

5. XtremepowerUS Post Hole Digger

XtremepowerUS Post Hole Digger review

Xtreme power US 85059-V is a durable tool that comes with a powerful motor with 10.9 Amps. It is easy to use and handle. Moreover, the auger delivers 90 feet per pound torque, with 200 RPM impact-rated speed.

It’s built of high-strength manganese steel, too. As a result, it easily withstands impact, extrusion, material wear, and other rough working conditions; likewise, the black paint sprayed makes it rust and corrosion-free.

Also, the powerhead features a safety lock. The safety lock function prevents accidental triggering for added security. You would also love the comfortable handles. The machine has an ergonomic design and is perfect for installing a fence, deck, planting trees, and many other lawn applications.

On the top, it features two anti-skid and vibration-proof grips to provide maximum leverage and stability while working. Shortly, it is a great machine and is well worth the price.

  • Added safety lockĀ 
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Two anti-skid and vibration-proof grips
  • Easy to use and handle
  • None as such

Best Earth Augers Buying Guide:

If you are buying a post-hole digger to perform digging tasks, then you must have a look at some of the considerations.

1. Tool Grip

Grips are always an essential consideration of any tool that requires some effort to use. So the three things one might consider before buying a post-Hole digger are the size of the handle, the handle shape, and the comfort of the grip.

Such a handle helps prevent strain or injury to the wrist, elbow, or shoulder. The more comfortable the grip, the less force is needed to get the job done.

2. Weight

Weight is essential to the size of impact the tool will make. However, weight is not the only performance factor, and sometimes one piece of equipment has a higher maximum impact than another while only weighing the same.

So successfully choosing the tool with reasonable weight might mean you get more bang for your buck.

3. Engine Power

Engine Power is another important consideration that must be kept in mind. The post-hole digger must have a powerful motor. The machine with a powerful engine would drill through tough and rock-filled soil.

Automatic post-hole diggers often have a 2 to 2.5 horsepower engine or a 1200 watt/110-volt motor. The majority of the spin is at 250 RPM and has a lot of rotational torque. The powerful engine enables quick and easy digging.

4. Size of the Blade

The blade size is another essential factor. For example, if you want to dig through rocky soil, then larger blades would be better.

The larger the digger blades, the smoother the drilling task. Moreover, if you want to dig small holes, you can rely on an auger with smaller blades.

5. Depth Capacity

The depth capacity of the post-hole digger determines the depth of the hole you can create with them. For example, a 4-foot depth capacity allows you to cut a 4-foot hole in the ground with a single pass.

These tools are perfect for soil conditions that may be too hard or wet for a traditional post-hole digger to work. It is a fact that a big hole in tough soil can be a lot harder to dig when you have a limited depth capacity. Therefore, it is essential to consider this feature too.

6. Construction

The quality of the construction is what distinguishes the post-hole digger as the best. A good post-hole digger will not break when it encounters resistance.

It will continue to work. During the digging operation, a good post-hole digger will not overheat or jam. If you’re going to buy a post-hole digger, make sure it will last you a long time.


Thus, you can get your best post-Hole digger to make drilling easier. You can purchase any of these tools to make your task easier. The best post-hole digger will let you dig the right size holes. They are well constructed and efficient enough to perform the digging task.

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