Best Bowl Gouge For The Money Reviews 2020 Woodturning Tools

best bowl gouge

A must-have tool in every woodturning kit is one best bowl gouge. You need a perfect bowl gouge no matter if you are a professional or an amateur. Owning the right tool will always make the job/hobby easier. I believe that bowl gouge is one of the most important thing of woodturning tools.

Similarly, a very important thing that matters is to choose the best bowl gouge for you. The bowl gouges come in various sizes and shapes. However, it depends on your needs and requirement which one you need.

To perform any job well, you need the best tool to get there. So, getting the best and smooth cuts for bowls is now easier. Since we have listed all the standard and well-made bowl gouges available on the market today.

What to look for in a Best Bowl Gouge

There are various bowl gouges available on the market today. Likewise, different brands offer different bowl gouges. Both professionals and hobbyists want the best bowl gouge for making their work easier. However, based on requirements and preferences, you would always opt one but to make your buying process easier, in this article, we will guide you how to select the best bowl gouge for you;

1. The Size and Shape

The size and shape of the bowl gouges are very important to check for. Well, it depends on your expertise as to which one you need. The standard flute widths are 1/2″, 3/8″, 5/8″ and 3/4″. As a beginner, a bowl gouge with a size of ½ would be enough for your job. Lateran, you can opt for other sizes based on needs.

Similarly, the shape of the flute is also necessary to get the perfect cut. The common shapes are Deep V-shape, Deep U-shape, Shorter U-shape, and more. For getting perfect and smooth cut, the right shape of the bowl gouge is also necessary.

2. The Material

The material of the bowl gouges is one of the most things to consider. You want to invest in something that lasts longer. That is why you ought to check the material of a bowl gouge. The bowl gouges made from High-Speed Steel are mostly much durable than carbon steel. The HSS is durable with the ability to stand high temperatures.

3. The Handle

This is another important thing that matters. The handle allows fine turning with professional outcome. Therefore, the larger the handle, the better. This, somehow, helps you in keeping balance. Likewise, the handles made from hardwood metal are ideal.

Top Rated Bowl Gouges 2020

1. Hurricane Turning Tools, Woodturning Three-Piece Bowl Gouge Set

Hurricane Turning Tools review

The Hurricane has set its reputation as one of the best tool manufacturers. As a beginner, this set contains all the tools you require. The set contains three separate bowl gouges to make your bowl turning easier. The tools are made from high-speed steel ensuring 8 times greater expected life than carbon steel. That is why, this set is known for its longevity and durability.

Having sharp edges, the three bowl gouges are perfect for even toughest projects. The sizes however vary providing flexibility for various sorts of woodworking. The 1/2″ flute (5/8″ shank), 1/4″ flute (3/8″ shank), 3/8″ flute (1/2″ shank) are the tools with their sizes. Moreover, the tools come with perfect handles. The handles allow a firm grip and are preferably long.

  • Nice handle shape and grip
  • Made from HSS that makes it durable
  • Flute to sharpen the tools often
  • The finishing on the handles were not liked by some users

2. Carbide Wood Lathe Tools Hollower – Carbide Bowl Gouge

Simple Woodturning Tools Carbide Wood Lathe Tools

Here comes this carbide lathe tool ideal for users of all skill levels. Woodturning is no more a difficult task. This set of tools make your job easier and much enjoyable. You don’t need to focus on techniques of sharpening as the tools let you focus on the project better. As far as the sharpness is concerned, the tools all have rotatable carbide cutter and are pretty sharp.

So, you can use the simple turner and hollower. You can quickly turn and hollow to the desired shape using this particular tool. Similarly, the set contains the simple rougher carbide tool that allows smooth roughing. With its simple detailer, you can increase your woodturning creativity.

Speaking of its handle, the handle is made of premium quality solid aluminum. Featuring soft, comfortable foam rubber grip, the tool allows you to avoid hand cramping. Likewise, it provides enough stability and grip during the long turning sessions.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Handle provides good grip
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Easy to use
  • None as such

3. 1/2 Robert Sorby Fingernail Bowl Gouge

Robert Sorby Fingernail Bowl Gouge

On the off chance that you want a 1/2 moderate sized bowl gouges, then this tool form Sorby is especially for you. This tool is made of high-speed steel that provides six times longer life than carbon steel. This would be enough for sharpening, finishing cuts, and other cuts of the bowl.

Coming with hard white ash handle and brass ferrule, this would make a perfect choice for woodturners. Additionally, the bowl gouge has a sharp edge. The 14 inches long handle is also well made permitting full grip over the bowl gouge. Shortly, this tool has the qualities of tackling all sorts of tasks. It is a quality made and durable tool making bowl gouging much interesting.

  • Takes and hold edges
  • Best for any sort of woodturning
  • Provides enough grip to avoid slipping off
  • On the expensive side

4. Simple Woodturning Tools Simple Shear Cutting Finisher – Carbide Turning

carbide bowl gouge

This is a simple set of carbide woodturning tools making your woodturning job easier. The shear cutting finishes provide incredible surface finish. Similarly, the ½ round saucer-shaped carbide shear cutter removes pain and downtime of sharpening. The tool cuts perfectly well. Moreover, you would find it super sharp and easy to use.

As far as the handle is concerned, it comes with an overall length of 24 inches. The handle feature grippy rubber golf grip which provide enough stability. Likewise, the handle is durable and nicely made.

The tools provide enough help that you don’t need to rely on all the expensive turning equipment. It also removes the pain of learning special techniques to turn. Overall, this carbide-tipped tool comes with sturdy and solid construction. The tools thus lasts for years and are the best when it comes to its durability.

  • Carbide tipped tools
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to use and operate
  • The handle provides great grip on the tools
  • Swapping out the tools from the handle might be irritating but you can always purchase more handles

5. Hurricane Turning Tools, Woodturning Bowl Gouge, High-Speed Steel

Woodturning Bowl Gouge

The Hurricane brand is known for its tools for years. This set contains 3 pieces of bowl gouges to make it an ideal setting. Anyone who is new to woodturning and want a set with all essential tools may rely on this set. The set contains a 1/2″ flute, a 1/4″ flute, and a 3/8″ flute. Bowl gouges of various sizes make it possible to perform different sorts of woodturning tasks.

Durability is another quality of these tools. They are made from high-speed steel that adds longevity to the tools. Moreover, the tools come with proper edges and it is easy to maintain the sharpness for years.

With the 16 inches ash handle, this set is all you need. The handles provide a firm grip over the tools. The tools are heavy and s0lid with maximum durability. In short, this is the perfect setting for woodturners.

  • A set with three pieces of bowl gouges
  • Made from high-speed steel
  • Sharp edges
  • Durable and solid
  • Poor finishing on the handles

6. Carter & Son Tool works 5/8″ Bowl Gouge

Carter Son Tool works Bowl Gouge

The 5/8 bowl gouges from Carter & Son comes with large-sized tools making the work process more enjoyable. With an overall length of 26-1/4″, the massive tools are easy to use and cut sharp.

The tools are made from High-Speed Steel that makes it durable. Whereas, the blade is backed by a 16 inches aircraft aluminum handle to provide enough stability. However, the tool is made with the concept of providing great longevity and durability.

The tool is perfect for woodturning of any kind. The tools allow precision and great cut due to its fine edges. Likewise, the tools are easy to use and maintain. The edges can be sharpened on and off. The handle is also long enough to provide maximum grip.

  • Made from HSS (High-Speed Steel)
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Holds edges and sharpens quickly
  • Comfortable handle with grip
  • The packaging has been done poorly

7. Robert Sorby Deep Flute Bowl Gouge 1/2 inch HHS Extra Long Length Handle

Robert Sorby Deep Flute Bowl Gouge

With the overall length of 26 inches, this is an extremely nice set of tools on the market. The tools are made from high-speed steel that allows enough durability. Similarly, it possesses a sharp edge and comes greater life than carbon steel. The set is thus ideal for all sorts of shaping bowls, cutting, and finishing, etc.

The unit also comes with an easy-grip and perfect handle. The handle is comfortable enough to hold. The overall length of the handle is 17 inches which is quite a good size. In short, this is a complete package ideal for all sorts of woodturning.

  • Made from high-speed steel
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Best turning tools
  • A bit expensive

8. Sorby B842104 Bowl Gouge, 3/8-Inch

Sorby Bowl Gouge review

Sorby products are all known for their performance and quality. In case you want simple and easy to use turning tools, then the Sorby 3/8 inches is the perfect product for you. All sorts of fine cutting and delicate shaping is possible with this tool.

The tools hold an edge thus providing finer turnings and great finishes. With the tools you can work having comfortable and reliable bowl turning. Furthermore, the handles are long enough to make turning easier and comfortable. Using high-speed steel, the tools are six times more durable than carbon steel.

  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Produces detailed cuts and fine finishes
  • Durable
  • Made from high-speed steel
  • A bit expensive

9. Robert Sorby H9076 – Fingernail Bowl Gouge 3/8 Inch

Fingernail Bowl Gouge

If you want a bowl gouge idea for massive profiling cuts or nice finishing cuts, then the Robert Sorby H9076 is all you need. The tool is made from high-speed steel that provides maximum years of life to it. With the overall length of 16.5 inches, the tool is a must for making ideal bowls.

Speaking of the handle, the handle provides firm grip making turning easier. The ash handle also adds to the aesthetic side of the tool. Similarly, this holds an edge much better than many of its competitors. It is a great bowl gouge with much sturdiness and is exactly worth the price.

  • A great turning tool
  • Sharp and holds an edge
  • Nice grip and long handle
  • Durable
  • None as such


So, the best bowl gouges and carbide bowl gouge have been listed here in this article. The best bowl gouges must be durable and the blades must maintain edges over a long period. Likewise, bowl gouges with great performance is all you need.

Best Bowl Gouge FAQS:

What Angle Should a Bowl Gouge be?

Well, there is not any set angle for it. It depends on how you use it. Mostly, the experts’ angle lies somehow within the 45 to 70 degrees range.

What Is a Fingernail Bowl Gouge?

Fingernail is a grind and bowl gouge is the tool. People also call it Ellsworth. However, the fingernail shape allows greater flexibility. Thus, the woodturner better perform the pull cuts.

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