Best Above Ground Pool Entry Stairs Review & Buyer’s Guide

above ground pool stairs

Having above ground pools at home is classy but getting the right above ground pool stairs for it is even classier. Using above ground stairs/ladders allow easy entry and exit from the pool. Therefore, it is always great to select sturdy and strong above ground swimming pool ladder.

However, there are a range of above ground pool stairs available on the market today. They vary in terms of price, size, quality, weight capacity, and other similar features. Selecting the best one might be easy but becomes easier with us.

We have listed some of the well-researched and sturdy stairs that provide both longevity and durability.  Ideally, the above ground pool stairs should be strong, sturdy, and provide enough support for the weight. Moreover, the above ground pool stairs with wider steps, rust-free features, and certain adjustable heights are preferred.

Things To Consider Before Making a Purchase:

While buying above ground pool stairs, there are a lot of essential considerations about the product. However, some of the most important factors are listed below. You need to consider those factors before making a purchase;

1. Weight Capacity

One of the essential factors you have to consider while buying an aboveground pool stairs is its ability to bear weight. Ideally, the ladders bear weight up to 300 pounds but to accommodate more weight, you would go for the one with greater weight-bearing capacity. That is how the pool becomes safer for more amount of people.

2. Durability of The Pool Stairs

It is one of the most essential features you need to consider. Stairs are mostly made of stainless steel or vinyl. Both have their pluses or minuses. In the case of stainless steel, there is great durability and longevity. However, the steel can erode over time. On the contrary, the vinyl never erodes but also is not as strong in terms of durability as stainless steel. So, you will decide which one is better for you.

3. The Rungs

Rungs makes the most essential part of the stairs or any ladder. Who would not love wide and strong rungs? Of course, we all prefer wider rungs so we can easily place our feet. Likewise, the slip-resistant rungs are better. The rungs would allow step on it with safety and comfort.

4. The Safety Features

Safety is always one of the main concerns of the buyers. You want to get in and out of the pool safely without any threats. So, you need to check if the stairs are slip-resistant, sturdy, and have additional safety features or not.

Best Rated Above Ground Pool Ladders and Steps 2020

1. Confer Plastics Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

Confer Plastics Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder review

On the off chance that you are searching for a solid set of stairs, the confer plastic above ground swimming pool ladder is the best option. They are quite nice and have wide steps and feels a lot steadier. The Confer plastic swimming pool works well with both swimming pools and decks. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, this makes a solid option. It is ideal for pools with a height of up to 60 inches.

Providing easy entry and exit, this unit is easier to put together, and luckily you have to no more worry about shaky ladders. This particular unit is sturdy and solid. Moreover, it is a great set of steps that are sturdy and wide enough to turn around while going up and down the steps.

Weighing the ladder down to prevent it floating in the pool is possible, you need to deposit sand or some other weighted stuff into the pool steps. It also features side railing that helps with climbing up the steps providing full safety.

  • Easy installation
  • Weight-bearing capacity up to 400 Lbs.
  • Superfine quality
  • Easy to assemble, wide, and solid support
  • Ideal for flat bottom pools only
  • A bit expensive

2. Confer Curve Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps – Best For Elderly as Well

Confer Curve Complete System Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps

Here comes this molded, super-strong, and amazing confer curve above ground swimming pool stairs for you. The ideal weight-bearing capacity of the unit is 400 pounds. It is incredibly chemical resistant and is made of corrosion-proof polyethylene that adds to its durability.

Like all the other confer stairs, this one also comes with pretty easy installation and assembly. One can install the treads curving either inward or outward. To weigh the ladder down, you can simply fill the base with sand or pea gravel. The steps are wide enough to allow you to turn around while climbing up or going down the stairs. The unit also makes getting of the pool safe and easy.

Likewise, the unit is made of sturdy material that permits enough stability. Moreover, the design of the unit is very sleek and aesthetic. This would just be a great addition to your pool to make it look beautiful. It also includes base pads and 24-inch oversized deck mounting brackets for additional stability with a 5-year warranty.

  • Beautiful design with proper stability
  • Wide steps and solid base
  • Easily bears weights up to 400 pounds
  • Durable and chemical resistant
  • Ideal for above ground pools
  • A bit pricey

3. Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Adjustable Above Ground Pool Ladder

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 review

This is another great product from the confer plastics. The above the ground pool ladder easily fits 48 inches to 54 inches tall pools. It is one of the best ladders on the market today and surprisingly offers a vinyl mat to place under the base of the ladder.

The best feature of this ladder is its lockable roll guard barrier that rolls over the outer steps. It provides safety in terms of accidentally climbing it. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and solid design, the ladder makes the perfect fit for your pools.

The steps are wide enough to easily climb up and get down the ladder. It has an extra-large platform and is equipped with large 18-inch x 5 inch comforted steps. Shortly, it is a great ladder that is both sturdy and stable. It comes with wide at the top steps and easy setup.

  • Vinyl pad for the ladder base
  • Great product for the price
  • Sleek design
  • Weight capacity of 300pounds
  • The setup sound difficult to some users

4. Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Steps – CCX-AG

Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Steps

This model of confer above ground swimming pool step is one of the greatest design you can own. This above-ground molded ladder is super strong and can easily hold up weight up to 400 pounds. Furthermore, the unit includes an adjustable base pads and a 24 inches oversized deck mounting brackets for greater stability.

It is an excellent pool steps with nice and sturdy design. The steps are wide enough to allow you easy climbing up and going down. However, you can fill the sides with sand or pea gravel to weight the steps down. It is one of the astounding steps available on the market today.

However, you need to follow the assembly instructions. Other than that, it is very nice steps with sturdy design and chemical resistance quality. Thus it provides a convenient way to get in and out of the pool.

  • Sturdy and great steps
  • Provides full stability and support
  • Bears weight up to 400 pounds
  • Sand filling is time-consuming but worth it

5. Above Ground Swimming Pool Step to Deck – Wide Above Ground Pool Ladder

Above Ground Swimming Pool Step to Deck review

This is a sturdy above ground pool step ideal for both the young and olds to get in and out of the pool. It has an exclusive design with durability and provide much stability. The steps are wide and sturdy. However, you need to weight the step down by filling in sands, etc.

It comes with an easy setup and is way better than those of traditional ladders. Steps are wide enough to allow you easy get in and out of the pool. The step has an easy installation and comes with great stability.

Overall, the steps are much safer and stay stable. Steps were also quite easy to assemble and this unit makes a great choice for you.

  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable and nice
  • Provides safe entrance and exit to the pool
  • None as such

6. Confer 6000X Above Ground Pool Swim Out Step

Confer 6000X review

The confer 6000X is a well-designed ladder by the Confer. It works well and is easily adjustable for Deep pools rages from 48 inches to 54 inches. The unit has an excellent weight capacity of 300 pounds and is thus the best choice. Moreover, the ladder comes with easy and quick assembly.

Being long-lasting rust and corrosion free, this ladder would go years for you. It is both stable and durable. The steps are wide enough to provide solid support to get in or out of the pool.

However, you can fill the steps with sand to weigh it down and put a little more stability. It is sturdy with a great adjustable height feature. It is worth the price you pay for it.

  • Weight capacity of 3oo pounds
  • Adjustable height features
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Provides great support
  • Easy get in and out of the pool
  • Filling sand is a bit time consuming but its worth it


Overall, the above ground pool stairs are now available on the market. You can easily pick up the best ones with all these essential features. Price would be in your consideration while making a purchase but it depends on the type of stairs you choose. You would be willing to pay more for the fancy ones and less for the ones with minimum basic features. So, get one now and make your pool entrance and exit easier and a lot more comfortable with any of these above ground pool stairs.

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